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Finding New Ways To Connect More With Your Customers

The competitive market for consumer packaged goods makes it necessary for brands to constantly look for new ways to connect with customers. Discover the importance of custom designs, the possibilities of quick response codes, the role of feedback and reviews and the potential of loyalty or reward programs. Start by assessing your current approach to outreach and then consider the following ways to connect more with your customers.

The Importance of Custom Designs

Prospective customers pay close attention to packaging designs. According to market research, 81% of consumers have tried a new product based on interest in the packaging. Custom packaging makes it possible for brands to consider exactly what their target demographic is looking for in a particular product or what makes their products unique and showcase these features in packaging design.

In addition to developing custom designs, brands should also prioritize the quality of packaging. A service that can provide high-quality flat bottom pouches and other types of formed pouches or rollstock can ensure that custom packaging makes the best impression. Small- and medium-sized businesses can rely on the right packaging partner to use premium materials and advanced digital printing technology to produce polished packaging for maximum appeal.

Incorporating QR Code for Enhanced Experience

Quick response codes or QR codes have become much more popular in recent years as a way to invite customers to connect with companies. There was a 238% increase in QR code creation worldwide between 2021 and 2022 and 89 million mobile device users in the United States engaged with these codes in 2022.

Partnering with a flexible packaging company that offers smart packaging features is the best way to make the most of the potential of QR codes for connecting with customers. These codes can remove friction from the process of providing more information about ingredient sourcing or incentivizing customers to make social posts that feature products.

Encouraging Feedback and Reviews

You can also use QR codes to encourage customers to provide feedback on or review a product. A QR code on packaging can link to a review portal on your company website. Your brand can also make posts on social media platforms to promote engagement with customers along these lines.

Once customers submit reviews, you can obtain permission to quote feedback or reviews in marketing materials. Prospective purchasers often value the opinions of other real customers when making purchasing decisions. This approach is particularly effective when reviewers refer to unique features of packaging, such as degassing valve coffee packages that preserve freshness, or describe other advantages of buying a particular product.

Developing Loyalty or Reward Programs

Starting a loyalty or reward company is one of the best strategies for turning first-time buyers into repeat customers. Giving customers an incentive to repurchase products can be an effective way to develop lasting connections. For the best results, try combining these tips and using QR codes to allow for frictionless program enrollment or purchase tracking to make it easier for customers to connect with your brand.

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