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26 Surprising Health Benefits of Apple that”ll make you eat one!

Apple is very well known to us, isn’t it? Whether it be from the tales of “Snow White” where she was poisoned by an apple or from the stories Newton, where an apple fell from the tree and fell on his head which lead to the discovery of “Gravity”. It won’t be unfair to say Apple has been a boon to human kind and now I am going to tell about the health benefits of it. There are lots of it but I am about to list a few of them.

Health Benefits Of Apple

1. Anti-cancer

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apples contains flavonoids, oligosaccharides, triterpenoids, etc which not only reduces the risk of cancer but is also found to be killing cancer cells. According to a study, regular consumption of apple reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 23% and also kills up to 46% of cancer cells in colon. Moreover, it also helps to detoxify the liver preventing liver cancer all thanks to its richness in anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Boosts immunity

Health Benefits Of Apple

Flavonoid quercetin present in apples are found to improve the immunity levels to some extent. In addition to this, high levels of interleukin, assists in formation of infection fighting cells.

3. Averting Asthma

Health Benefits Of Apple

Quercetin also reduces inflammation which keeps allergic reaction and asthma at bay. It also helps to improve the health of the lungs. Apart from asthma, regular inclusion of this fruit in your diet lowers the risk of respiratory diseases, including bronchitis, and emphysema also.

4. Anti-cholesterol

Health Benefits Of Apple

According to a research done by USDA, apple contains 0% Cholesterol and the amount of fibre present in two medium sized apples reduces total cholesterol by upto 10% and raises HDL cholesterol by upto 10% making it an anti-cholesterol fruit.

5. Safe for Diabetics

Health Benefits Of Apple

Regular consumption of apple as a whole has been very beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes as certain compounds present prevents the enzymes from breaking down starch into simple sugars and also helps to control insulin levels by slow release of sugar into blood stream. According to a recent study, regular consumers of apple are less likely to develope type 2 diabetes. Here are best home remedies for diabetes.

6. Weight loss

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apple is known as one of the best superfoods for quick weight-loss. Pectin, a fibre present in apple, acts as a natural hunger suppressant. So, indulging apple in your meal helps you to reduce your weight by almost 33% according to a study. It contains around 60 calories, making it a perfect food for weight loss.

7. Prevents cataract

Health Benefits Of Apple

Cataracts are formed in the body due to many reasons, but there’s a common solution to these all i.e. regular consumption of apple. The antioxidant present in apples reduces the risk of cataracts. Also, it checks the level of sugar in blood which also reduces the chances of cataracts.

8. Whiter teeth

Health Benefits Of Apple

Malic acids, present in apples helps in keeping the teeth clean and thus making them look whiter. Also, the saliva induced during the chewing process assists in removing the plague areas from teeth. Here are best nature ways to whiten your teeth.

9. Flawless skin

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apples contain 2% Vitamin A and 8% Vitamin C which helps to make the skin flawless. It prevents premature ageing, helps to maintain skin color, helps in regeneration of skin and also protects skin from sun.

10. Dandruff free hair

Health Benefits Of Apple

Application of apple cider vinegar in a diluted form is found to give a boost of shine to your mane whereas application of apple juice on the scalp helps you to get rid of your dandruff problem.

11. Blood Pressure regulation

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apple contains 0% sodium content. So, being low in sodium, it becomes a great option for snacking by people suffering from hypertension. In addition, it also has diuretic effect on the body. Here are the best home remedies for high blood pressure.

12. Good for Gut

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apples are very rich in fibre making it extremely useful for keeping our gut clean and healthy. It is also found to prevent stomach cancer as well. Fibre present in apples pulls water from the colon in case of constipation whereas absorbs excess water in case of diarrhoea making it extremely beneficial in case of constipation as well as in diarrhoea.

13. Heals the heart

Health Benefits Of Apple

Accumulation of cholesterol along the blood vessels are prevented by the soluble fibre i.e. pectin, and also helps to prevent cholesterol rise in the body by binding fats in the intestine. According to a study, regular consumption of 170 g of apple a day makes a person 50% less prone to the risk to stroke.

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