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How Do You Pose for a Bridal Party?

A bridal party is fun and everything but it also comes along with some overwhelming tasks. One of the “hardest” task that comes along with bridal parties is posing for the photos. You are supposed to pose differently with different people in a matter of minutes. And because you are going to be doing it over and over again, you are most likely need a variety of poses and you don’t want to waste the time of the wedding photographers trying to figure out how to pose during the photo session. But don’t panic because we have got you covered. With our tips, you are going to create some flattering and memorable photos and of course do that in a matter of minutes.

Bridal party posing dos and don’ts.

·         Do not place the members of the photo parallel to the camera. When you are all parallel to the camera, it will make you look wider than your sizes.

·         You should also watch where you are placing your hands because placing your hands straight on the side will also make the image look wider. Creating some bend on the arms with one hand holding the bouquet will be ideal.

·         Instead of placing your hands crossed together in the front like most groomsmen do, make them place their hands in the pockets or at the side will be a better idea.

·         If it is a big bridal party, instead of trying to fit everyone in the image using levels, creating rows will be a better idea. You can look for something in the place you are taking photos like the stairs to help you out create the rows.

·         When you are creating the rows, make sure that you don’t create so much space between them. If there are so much spacing, you might not be able to capture the entire bridal party.

·         You can do some shooting before the bridal party as much as possible. Like when people are just laughing out together or when there is a group walking out, or when the bridesmaid are helping you with the dress, I mean just make sure you take as much photos before the bridal party as possible.

·         Take individual photos of the groom and each of his groomsmen and do the same for the bride and the bridesmaids. Learn to pose individually because if you can’t do that then even posing in a group photo will be difficult too.

Wedding poses: how to pose for a bridal party.

pose for bridal party

It is not simple to capture perfect photos for bridal parties but is not hard either. As long as you know how to do it right, you will have some of the most memorable and unique photos. Use the following tips and you will be glad you did.

Begin with a traditional pose.

pose for bridal party

Starting simple is the way to make the whole group feel comfortable and ready to take photos. We all know how it goes, place the bridesmaids next to the bride and then place the groom next to the groomsmen. If the groomsmen are on boutonnieres, they should be on the right side so that the flowers can be seen clearly. To make this pose look more unique, try shooting on different angles. Like for example, you can have them look at each other instead of staring to the camera. The simple poses are always perfect way to start a photo session.

Add details and props.

pose for bridal party

Each bridal party is different and each couple will spend time will panning and adding unique features. Take some time before you plan for bridal party to look for some props that will be unique. Like for example if the couple will be arriving in a vintage car, you can pose both inside and outside the car for some creative photos. If for example the groomsmen are wearing colorful socks focus the camera on the ground to capture that, do the same if the bridesmaids are wearing some stunning heels.

Intermix the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

pose for bridal party

After getting a couple traditional bridal photos, rearrange the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Make the bridesmaids stand next to groomsmen that each walked down the aisle with. This will help you save time creating a formal photo that will showcase your wedding in a unique way, make sure that the bride and the groom are at the center of the photo. Also make sure that the people in the photo are facing towards the couple in order to represent unity the group have towards this unforgettable moment.

Include action poses for variety.

Now that you already have some traditional and a couple of formal photos, it is the high time to take some action photos. A very simple to do this is by setting a shot of the entire bridal party walking together. Line up the bridal party and direct them to slowly walk towards you as they enjoy some lovely conversation and laugh and then capture the moment. It should not look like it is staged, so be sure to tell them not to stare at the camera. Have some instructions for them to follow for an excellent photo because the more you explain the better photo will be.

Pose the bride with the groomsmen.

Make things more interesting by posing the bride with the groomsmen. Begin with some classic pose like for example, have the bride at the center surrounded by the groomsmen. After capturing a few shots of this moment, implement another pose that will allow the bride to have some fun with the groomsmen. Like for example you can have the groomsmen line up in a row and hold the bride, if she has no problem with that. It will capture some candid moment and it will give the bride a chance to interact with the groomsmen and the photos that will be captured from this moment, will be priceless. 


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