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How Does Technology Impact Student Learning

The face of learning has changed since the infusion of education and technology. The effect is at the institution and individual levels. It has changed the way the university and school perceive education. The big question is, how does technology influence student learning?

Different people believe that technology is a distraction to students. Even when there is a ban on social media and mobile phones, technology will always distract them. Some go to the extent of terming technology is unavoidable. The tutors can embrace digital devices’ power and improve engagement, collaboration, student learning, and spark innovation.

You need a guide to enjoy the learning and still understand the curriculum. It is imperative to master the basics to transform technology into a powerful tool rather than a distraction. Math should not be an issue anymore when using technology; it is easier to get all the information and revise it. The number of time students spends on digital technology matters regarding the impact. It affects their mental and physical wellbeing.

Below are some of the ways technology influences students learning:

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  • With technology, it is possible to afford better and access to resources. Students will need a stable internet connection to access all the updated information. It means they can access research materials and educational apps. Technology helps with interactive and open resources from different areas across the globe. The student will need to follow instructions to get credible resources. They can supplement their learning by connecting with online groups and communities for real-time information. It is possible to have blended knowledge where students can mix their face-to-face learning with technology.
  • Technology helps to improve student engagement. Education technology allows for collaborative and interactive learning. It will be easy for students to engage in the course work. They do not need to memorize the facts but can take an interactive quiz and participate in class. Students can get involved in educational games and virtual field trips. For the course to be engaging, it will turn out to be interactive. Using simulation tools will develop humans using practical procedures. It is the best way for students to understand the course through hands-on practice.
  • There is an expansion of classroom boundaries when students use technology. Students can learn about anything worldwide and read blogs, view photos, and email to ask questions. It is possible for live talks using video conference. They can share the learning experience and have a different feeling.
  • With technology, it is possible to enjoy self-paced learning. In the traditional classroom, most students had a hard time learning new concepts hence left behind. Online assignments help to learn at their pace. When you need more time, you can practice outside the class under guided instructions. Technology has enabled students to access online resources for extra help.  Self-paced learning helps with digital literacy for modern skills that are useful in the corporate world.
  • Technology helps to promote innovative teaching approaches. It changes the way they access information and done using online materials and video-recorded lectures. Technology opens up the possibility to know about innovation from hybrid classrooms. Tutors can help students access information at their own time.

Technology can be a threat; when using in the right way, it is a powerful tool. It offers students practical experience to interact and engage outside the classroom. The classroom is not four walls, thanks to technology. Students can access information through social media and YouTube videos.

Even though most people think it is a distraction, it can be a powerful tool to enhance the learning experience. It is the best way for a student to enjoy learning and get better performance.

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