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Your smartphone knows more about you than yourself. These days, hacking feasibility is developing faster than technology. You don’t need to be a pro at hacking to spy on someone’s phone. There are valuable apps who do that for you.

You can literally hack someone’s entire phone and access their contacts, gallery, media files, passwords, browser history and a lot more.

There can be a lot of reasons to hack someone’s phone. Sometimes, employers want to keep a check on their employees to keep a tab on the work done. Parents want to keep an eye on their children and what they’re doing on their phones.

With the increasing social media exposure, it becomes important for parents to regulate their children in the right direction. To get quick access to the activities done by kids, parents turn to phone hacking apps.

We bring to you the top 3 ways to hack someone’s phone in the most convenient method:


The definitive parental control and remote monitoring app, Spyic is exceptionally designed to give you the best hacking services. For Spyic, safety comes first. Hence it is also the most recommended app in the market.

Spyic can help you keep an eye on your children by getting you their phone access. Kids these days are always on their phones. This can bother the parents, hence Spyic is here to do the job for you. This article will tell you how to hack someone’s cell phone with just their number on Spyic.

For the concerned parents, employers or anyone who wants to hack someone’s phone, you have the ball in your court. Being reviewed by the top media outlets like CNET, we can assure you that Spyic can be trusted blindly.

Why Spyic?

  1. It helps you keep tabs on what your children are doing. Protecting them from malicious internet is important these days. Spyic helps you monitor your kid’s phone and keep them safe.
  2. You can build a stronger business and know of your employee’s activities by using Spyic. It helps you to track phones with just the numbers. You can check on the disloyal employees and check on the assigned work done.
  3. Spyic offers a range of unique features like location tracking, social media hacking, geofencing, etc that you can use in super flexible deals. There’s no reason to not choose Spyic.

Phone hacking features of Spyic:

  1. Get access to the target’s contact list, call logs, time span of calls and know the most popular contacts too.
  2. Read all the sent, received and deleted messages on the target’s phone.
  3. Check out the target’s browser history and bookmarks.
  4. If you jailbreak or root, you can also get to know their social media interaction and instant messaging accounts. Read texts on apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.
  5. Jailbreaking also gives access to Spyic’s most amazing and powerful feature – keylogging. Keylogger feature lets you hijack into the target’s private credentials like passwords. You know whatever they’re typing too.

How to use Spyic to hack android and iOS devices?

Hacking phones using Spyic will give you the right tools to access data. For tracking an Android phone, you’ll need physical access to the target phone. In the case of iOS devices, you don’t need to jailbreak or install any software. By simply entering the iCloud credentials of the target, one can get access to each and every phone activity.

One of the best features of Spyic is, when you install the app, the icon automatically gets hidden. Hence there is no chance of the target knowing that they’re being spied on. Spyic works with 100% discretion and gives its users complete assurance of safety.

Follow these steps to hack someone’s phone with just their number using Spyic:

1.  Create an account on using your email id.

2. Enter the target’s phone number including the model name of the target’s phone and other mentioned details.

3. For the iPhone, no need to jailbreak or install the app. Open the website on any browser and you’re good to go. The best part about using Spyic on iPhone or any other iOS device is that you do not need to download the app. Just enter the iCloud username and password of the target user.  

4. For Android, no need to root. Just download the app and enter the details.

5. Once you’re done installing, open the control panel on the Spyic dashboard and start using its features by monitoring your target’s device. 

Spyic is undoubtedly the ultimate phone hacking app to use with just their number! Don’t settle for anything else when you have the exposure of the best.

2. Cocospy

Another phone hacking app you can use to track someone’s calls, messages, locations and a lot more. One of the most reliable and trustworthy apps, Cocospy has a commendable reach across the globe.

It can be used to hack both Android and iOS phones. Just like in Spyic, Cocospy is completely discreet and safe. Considering it is the second-best phone hacking app after Spyic, Cocospy has some cool features that you can check on its website.

With quick and easy installation of the app and invisible mode, Cocospy is trusted by millions over the world. For Android users, you need to physically access the target’s phone. For iOS devices, you do NOT need to install the app. You can access the Cocospy app using any browser. Cocospy gains access to the target’s phones, location, messages, access to their social media interaction and a lot more. Cocospy keeps tabs on every activity of the user. One can use its feasible subscriptions to hack any phone with just their number. It’s the user’s most loved app after Spyic.

3.  Spyier

With its extensive features, Spyier allows you to take advantage of its stealthy and safe features without jailbreak of installing the app on the iPhone. There’s a reason why its called the best iPhone spying app after all!.

You can use Spyier by purchasing a subscription package suitable to you and install it on the target’s phone. Get access to the phone and use the advanced features of the app to get going. Spyier has great features but it’s a little less compatible in comparison to Spyic. Monitor risk-free with Spyier and get 12+ unique features. The only thing is, if you’re looking for the ultimate hacking solution, Spyic should be your go-to option.

Hence, we recommend you to go for Spyic for the best experience. Go to the website and check for yourself. Choose the best phone hacking app. My personal recommendation to you would be undoubtedly Spyic!

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