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How To Improve Writing Skills Through Technology?

Improving Writing Skills Using Technology

Writing is a skill that people often neglect because it is much more attractive to learn how to speak than to write. However, if you are going to take an exam or create texts for your job, the writing skill must be excellent.

Let’s first understand the concept of “competent written speech” in order to understand how exactly we have to work on it. A good written language necessarily includes the following components:

1.Rich vocabulary

2.Grammatically correct sentences

3.Perfect spelling

4.Correct punctuation.

That is, to learn to write good, you need to constantly learn new words, be able to build sentences competently, write all the words correctly and insert all the punctuation marks.

In this article, will tell you what technical resources you can use to achieve these goals.

1.Keyboard instead of the pen

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word writing is a piece of paper and a pen. However, in the modern world to write different types of texts people more and more use keyboards. Thus, writing and technology become an inseparable concept.

Convenience is the main advantage of typing. When we type, we have many opportunities to correct, rearrange, cut-paste, and so on. In addition, most people print faster than handwrite, so you can easily turn your record into a stream of consciousness. It is useful for some people, exploring different areas of life, to put hyperlinks, which is quite difficult to do in a paper diary.

Still, many people prefer handwriting. However, new technologies developers have a proposal to facilitate the transfer of handwritten text to digital format. They have produced a whole class of gadgets that allow you to write on paper while simultaneously duplicating text (in capital and even in print) on the tablet. For example, Hewlett-Packard has developed a set of HP Pro Slate 12, consisting of a notebook and tablet. You make notes in a notebook with the tool that looks like an ordinary pen on paper that looks like an ordinary (but it isn’t a paper). The trick is that a microscopic ultra-wave transmitter, built into the pen, transmits signals to the microphone built into the tablet. As a result, the record is reproduced in the tablet with an accuracy of 90%. This, in turn, makes it possible to save a handwritten record as a regular file.

Matthew Sterling, the Vip-Writers’ Technology Expert says: “With such an impact of technology on writing, handwriting will never disappear for people, but it will move to the category of “a-going records” with the possibility of automatic digitization”.

2.Read as much as possible

Reading is one of the most important activities that is often neglected. By the way, when reading you see how grammar “works” in practice, how words are written and combined with each other, etc. That is, in the process of reading you immerse yourself into a language environment, remember how sentences are constructed, grammatical structures are used as well as learn unfamiliar words, and as a result, “transfer” this experience into your own written speech. An e-book will help you with this activity.

E-books, called readers are becoming increasingly popular. The main advantages of the e-book are its roominess and lightness. A small reader with 200-300 grams weigh stores thousands of books that are always with you. When reading, you can choose the text style and size, set the style of the paragraphs, footers, chapters, sections, and footnotes. In addition to the reading function, electronic devices show time, take notes and allow you to work with bookmarks. Some readers have built-in dictionaries, a calculator, a text editor, and even Internet access for new books downloading or email viewing and news reading.

3.Visit special resources

As we have already indicated, for the writing improving, you need to read a lot. Thus you will get the best effect if you read specialized materials on writing developing. For example, we suggest you study the materials of the Daily Writing Tips resource. On this site, you will gain useful information on the correct use of various words and grammatical constructions in written works, read recommendations on punctuation, etc.

4.Check your writing

A great opportunity to check yourself is to use special services for checking texts for errors, for example, Sentence Checker, Hemingway Editor or Grammarly. However, keep in mind that the machine searches only for the worst mistakes, it will not check the logic of your thoughts. In addition, some functions of online editors are fee-paid. So the most acceptable way to help you comprehensively master English is to use tutor’s help.

5.Work with language tutor online

Teaching writing with technology is quite possible today. If you want to learn how to do various types of written works with a competent teacher, you can use the help of English teachers using Skype. Using online video call, the tutor will teach you how to write various texts, check them and help you get rid of errors.

As can be seen from the Vip-Writers’ review, in the modern era of communication via the Internet (messages, blogs, and presentations) technology and writing are directly related to each other. Therefore, we can significantly improve our writing using modern gadgets and software.

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