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Mental Health Essay: How to Create a Great Paper

Mental health- Mental characteristics that allow a person to be adequate and successfully adapt to the environment. Usually, this includes the compliance of the subjective images of objective reality that are formed in humans, the adequacy in perception of oneself, the ability to concentrate, the ability to hold information in memory, critical thinking. The opposite of mental health is mental disorders and mental illness.

Mental health is a stable and adequate functioning of the human psyche, its main mental functions – thinking, memory, and others. This is a set of installations, qualities and functional abilities that allow an individual to adapt to the environment. Writing a paper on mental health requires in-depth research, so to get you started, we’ve gathered some tips. Write a mental health related assignment as a professional essay writer from Write My Paper Hub would do.

Get to a Point and Give Definitions and Criteria

Mental health should be characterized by:

1.Lack of mental or psychosomatic diseases.

2.Normal age development of the psyche.

3.Favorable (normal) functional state.

4.A favorable mental state is considered as a complex of characteristics and functions that meet the age norm and ensure the effective fulfillment by a person of the tasks facing him in various areas of life activity.

Talk About a Hype Term – Burnout

A person has a limited ability to react emotionally to a situation. After this, a light “emotional dullness” and then “burnout” ensues. But this is observed only if the emotional load is increased, regular and constant, and there are no ways to get rid of it.

Emotional health implies the ability not to take everything very close to the heart, but not to ignore the situation. The ability to quickly rehabilitate and recover when there is free time. The ability to analyze one’s own feelings and understand why they arise and what they really mean. Fortunately, skilled psychologists teach this.

At the same time, emotional health does not mean constantly high spirits. The fact of the matter is that “healthy” in this sense is adequate, relevant and balanced. And this also has to learn.

It is also worth understanding that negative emotions also have a right to exist. Especially if you learn how to transform them into motivation for new achievements. In fact, any “mortal sin” can be turned into something useful. In addition, perhaps, despondency – it is generally better to forget about him, it does not help at all.

Elaborate On Stages of Mental Health

Conditionally, the state of psychological health can be divided into three levels:

1.High (creative): which is characterized by stable adaptation to the environment, the presence of a reserve of forces for overcoming stressful situations and an active creative attitude to reality. Such people do not require psychological assistance.

2.Medium (adaptive): people, generally adapted to society, but having some increased anxiety, inability to separate non-standard, not too often encountered in life situations. Timely and qualified psychological assistance in most cases can be useful and provide a more rapid and less painful overcoming of life difficulties.

3.A low (maladaptive): level is peculiar to people whose behavior style is characterized, first of all, by the desire to adapt to external circumstances to the detriment of their desires or abilities, or, on the contrary, using an active offensive position, to subordinate the environment to their needs. People referred to this level of psychological health require individual psychological assistance.


When writing an essay on mental health, make sure to use only the most recent information and quote only up-to-date sources. Use Google Scholar to back up your research. Don’t forget about proofreading and use anti-plagiarism checkers to guarantee 100% originality of the final draft.

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