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8 Ways Music can help you make healthier and Happier

Music is a creative human artwork which conveys emotions of sadness, happiness, heartbreak, and romance. Music can help a person in expressing the feelings indirectly through songs when verbal communication cannot take place.

Music is everywhere around us from the chirping of birds, honking of vehicles, dropping of utensils, the sound of rains to the ringing of phones. There is no barrier of languages when it comes to enjoying a song and irrespective of any dialect, the sole function of music is to entertain, relax and unite people. Let us see some of the power of music.

Restful sleep

Listening to light music before sleeping helps alleviate our body and prepares it for a sound sleep. It helps the nerve cells in the brain to achieve the state of tranquility and ease mental as well as emotional pain. Music gives relaxation to our heart rate by slowing it down and releasing peaceful or happy chemicals. Soft music provides another level of pleasure to our ears because they are like a lullaby sung to infants.


Lowers mental trauma

If a person is suffering from some mental trauma then it directly affects their sleep pattern leading to either insomnia or hypersomnia. Small stress or tension can also disturb our sleep so listening to meditation and instrumental sound can minimize uneasiness in the brain and push it to sleep. Music can help lessen ferocity, waves, and span of pain in the head thereby stop headaches and escalate blissful feeling.


Releases Dopamine

Music releases a happy chemical known as “Dopamine” which is largely responsible in smooth functioning of the brain. It is also a pleasure chemical that induces the feeling of joy, motivation, and good mood. Dopamine also helps to amplify body activity, concentration, grief and stress reactions as well as intellect. An enormous proportion of dopamine encourages mental, physical and emotional well being.


Cajoles in working out

Exercise can become very boring sometimes because it’s like a monotonous task and we tend to turn lazy. To get rid of boredom and laziness turn on some foot tapping numbers and start working out. Music inspires to workout and keeps us engrossed so much that we do not realise the time spent. The best example of music, dance and calorie burn is Zumba.


Expands Insight

Music can help students to memorize their studies. If there is difficulty in remembering certain theory, formula or answers then learning it in song format can help retain knowledge for a long duration. Light music at the backdrop while studying also provides concentration and grasping power.


Creates an atmosphere

Music has the ability to turn atmosphere crazy at pubs when fast and hardcore music hit the dance floor. It drives people insane and they dance their heart out. Music provides calmness in temples when devotional songs are sung that helps to create oneness with God. The music builds excitement at a family function as it lightens up the family parties and forms close bonds as the whole family enjoys together.


Ensures good health of expecting mothers

It is said that a child imbibes learning being in the mother’s womb. Music is one such thing that a baby responds positively to and attend serenity. Listening to music is fruitful for the mother as well as it reduces anxiety and prepares women for the birth process.


Promotes the development of self

Music helps to create a feeling of emotions towards others. It provides motivation and a sense of pride among people in society. Emotional and social intelligence directly leads us to self-love. Music helps in overall growth of an individual be it performing for school, professionally or as a passion. It strengthens intellectual skills and brings people together. It also has a major role in improving fine motor and gross motor skills in children.


How does music affects your daily life? Let us know in the comments section!

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