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Most common types of internet frauds everyone should know about:

Everything the internet has started to rule over our lives, we became more vulnerable to frauds and scams. The world of the internet is full of criminals who always try to perpetrate scams on gullible people. It is very difficult to catch online scammers because as soon as they offend someone, they erase all the information. The best practice is to know about different scams and then take necessary steps to avoid them. Here are 5 most common internet frauds that you should know about:

Identity theft:

In this age of technology, hackers find it easy to hack someone’s social media account and then ask for money from their friends and relatives. By hacking a brand’s account, they tend to perpetrate fraud on hundreds of people even before someone takes any action. This means, they steal someone’s identity and then they play this game. In these situations, scammers live overseas and they are very difficult to catch. A person comes to know about the account hacking very late oftentimes. It is better to use a difficult password and multiple verifications for account sign-in for providing more protection to your account.


It is another type of scam that is played by people by stealing the victim’s personal information. In this type of scam, the victim receives an email that seems like a genuine email from a well reputed organization asking a person to share his bank details. People who are not aware of this fraud generally provide their sensitive information such as debit card details and then they become the victim of phishing.  There are many websites that provide easy solutions to such problems that are associated with online scams. If you want to protect your brand from criminals, get the service of digital brand protection by FraudWatch


Frauds related with matrimonial websites:

Many people visit matrimonial websites in order to find their life partner. It is very unfortunate that people often lose money by using these websites. Perpetrators create fake profiles and they find a victim who believes them and pays them the money. It is important to never trust anyone you meet on any social media platform. Even if they ask you to meet you, make sure that you take all safety measures before taking this step.

Frauds related with online shopping:

Most of the people these days become the victim of criminals who try to get money from them through online shopping websites. There are many such sellers that sell products which do not exist. These products are generally attractive and are associated with a lucrative offer. When people place the order of those products and also make the payment through their debit or credit card, they never receive that product. In order to avoid such scams, it is better to never shop from the sellers that are not verified. If you get scammed by such frauds, it will be your loss only.


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