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Ramayana Quiz: How well do you know about ancient Hindu epic Ramayana?

Ramyana is one of the major epics in ancient India. It is one of the largest ancient epics in world literature. Like Mahabharata,  Ramayana presents the teaching of ancient Hindu sages in narrative allegory, interspersing philosophical and ethical elements and is based on the life of Rama. You might have seen various Ramayana shows on television. Also, some people like to read it daily. So here is a quiz for you, to check how much you know about the glorious history of India.


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#1. Who wrote Ramayana ?

#2. Ram is Avatar of God ___?

#3. From the following who was the mother of Laxmana (brother of Rama) ?

#4. For how many years did Ram went for exile (vanvas) ?

#5. What was the name of a bow that was used by Lord Rama in Goddess Sita swayamvar to marry her?

#6. How many Kandhs (episodes or chapters) are there in Ramayana ?

#7. From Ravana's penance, he got a boon - "Thou Shall not be killed by demon, demoness, God, nymphs, heavenly spirits, serpents and wild beasts" , Which God gave him this boon ?

#8. Which of the following, is 'not' the other name for Sita ?

#9. Who was the King of Vanaras (monkeys) who helped Rama to regain Sita from Ravana?

#10. Who informed the (Vanara's) monkey's search party, that Ravana carried away Sita to Lanka ?

#11. How many siblings did Rama had ?

#12. What Yug was Ravana from ?

#13. When Rama was in exile, he 'did not' kill one of the demons from the following, who was that demon ?

#14. From the Ravana's side, who was against the abduction of Sita ?

#15. Who supervised the construction of bridge to Lanka

#16. From the following, which dynasty was rama 'not' from ?

#17. The son of Ravana - Indrajit, was killed by ___?

#18. Outside the Ravana's Palace, one of the demonesses (Rakshashi) loved Sita like her daughter ? Who was she ?

#19. Ravana was a demon but not exactly from a demon family; whose family was he from ?

#20. What does the word Rama means ?


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