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Mahabharata Quiz: How much do you know about the great epic Mahabharata?

During lockdown, many mythological shows were retelecasted and ratings too went very high. This shows the interest of people in them. You might be one of them, who had watched these shows and might be knowing much about them. So here is a quiz for you to check your knowledege about the great epic, Mahabharata. Only a few person could answer all the given questions below. Let’s see, are you one of them.


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#1. Who was the strongest in Mahabharata ?

#2. To how many children did Gandhari gave birth to ?

#3. What was the actual reason for the war of KURUKSHETRA ?

#4. Arjuna was the spiritual son of _____?

#5. In the exile, for some time who taught battle skills to Bhima ?

#6. In Draupadi's Swayamvar, who wins Draupadi ?

#7. For how many days the Kurukshetra battle was on ?

#8. From the following , which one is not known as the other name for Bhishma ?

#9. Who possessed celestial weapon NARAYAN-ASTRA in Mahabharata era ?

#10. Which of the following texts, does Krishna dictates to Arjuna ?

#11. Who was the son of Bhima ?

#12. What was Bhima's weapon ?

#13. Who was the first son of Kunti ?

#14. In the battlefield of Kurukshetra Bhishma Pitamah was killed by ___?

#15. What was the another name of Kunti ?

#16. Who has the gifts to see events from distance (divya-drishti) right in front of him, he also narrated the whole Kurukshetra battle to Dhritarashtra ?

#17. In a fit of rage, Who cursed Krishna that his dynasty would fall as had the dynasty of the Kauravas ?

#18. In the battle, Guru Dronacharya saw that he was unbeatable So, Guru Dronacharya ordered the Kauravas to break his bow and then smash his chariot from behind. Who was he ?

#19. From the Pandavas, Who took the identity as Brihannala in Virat Nagar in their year of incognito (Aghyat-Vaas) ?

#20. Who wrote Mahabharata ?


Did you like this Mahabharata quiz? Tell us in the comments sections of the topics you want the quiz on!

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Sankar K May 30, 2020 at 2:08 am

This is amazing experience know about mahabaratha. thanks for all..
pl display more questions to know about mahabaratha.

Sangamesh Akshathi June 13, 2020 at 9:13 pm

this is really amazing but please mention the right answers for the wrong answers given by the users..


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