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Relocation to Romania with Public Investment Solutions, reviews

Public Investments Solutions is a company that provides end-to-end legal assistance with immigration to countries situated within the borders of the European Union. Why do people want to obtain the European citizenship? Below, we will take a peek into customers’ reviews on Public Investments Solutions’ personal experience to understand the real company’s support.

Putting it simply, an alternative passport of the EU unlocks numerous benefits for the citizens, like conducting business, participating in reduced tax programs, visa-free travel, extended stay, healthcare, and even the right to vote in elections.

Below you will find a list of common services offered by lawyers of Public Investments Solutions. A brief description of governmental requirements will highlight an approximate scope of documents and legal provisions to be aware of. Finally, PIS reviews show clients’ opinions about their lawyers.

Overview of PIS immigration lawyers

Besides direct reviews, it might be useful to examine their official website as a primary source of information. Right on top, you will see a simple submission form to provide contacts and wait for a Public Investments Solutions expert consultation. It is important to understand that every case is unique, so as mentioned in

reviews, an individual approach provided by the lawyers of PIS implies customers get tailor-made solutions to their specific goals.

Delegating multiple concerns to an experienced team of professionals certainly facilitates the quickest resolution of an individual’s case.

A common process of immigration cooperation with the support of PIS consists of the following steps:

  • Initial consultation with an expert;
  • Signing an agreement, legalizing the power of attorney;
  • Gathering the necessary documents;
  • Visiting official institutions during appointments (is the responsibilities of the lawyers;
  • Taking the oath and receiving the citizenship certificate.

All these steps might look challenging for handling on your own, but reviews about Public Investments Solutions further show that it is much easier when opting for the services of their lawyers.

Reviews about Public Investments Solutions

Let us see some real customers’ opinions about Public Investments Solutions that we could find on trusted public review marketplaces. First, the general experience is rated no lower than 4 stars, which shows that the quality of services is high.

Among recent Public Investments Solutions reviews, there is one indicating a short period of waiting time. When it comes to immigration, some people wait for decisions for months, so a quick process of approval is a very good sign. Reviews show that Public Investments Solutions representatives take care of all documents and work on the client’s behalf, setting them free from tedious procedures.

Public Investmetns Solutions: Reviews from the clients

Another Public Investments Solutions review describes the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship based on repatriation law. The reviewer found out about Romanian origin and Public Investments Solutions lawyers did all the rest. It is worth pointing out regular consultations no less than twice a week, showing dedication and continuous contact.

Public Investmetns Solutions: Reviews from the clients

Registration of Romanian passport with Public Investments Solutions

Public Investments Solutions assistance in obtaining Romanian citizenship includes the following procedures:

  • Repatriation
  • Investment

Getting a second passport secures the rights and privileges of any other EU resident. An opportunity to live permanently includes any country inside the European Union.

Public Investments Solutions specializes in assistance with repatriation-based opportunities for immigration. Alternatively, as it mentioned on the official website, they also help with investment-based immigration.

Dealing with the Ministry of Justice in Romania might not be easy, especially if you currently live in another country and do not know the language. The lawyers of Public Investments Solutions offer full support, starting from gathering necessary documents, and all the way to case monitoring, acting on a client’s behalf and requesting faster approvals.

Comparison of registration Romanian passport with the lawyers and on your own

Technically, with Public Investments Solutions assistance, people can request the second citizenship and become bipatrides. However, if you decide to pass the registration procedure on your own, without knowing the laws of the country where you apply, your case resolution might not be successful.

Common inconveniences of passing the procedure on your own include:

  • Providing the wrong documents;
  • Extended waiting time;
  • Non-compliance with legal requirements;
  • Missing information in application documents.

Visiting government institutions also requires physical presence during appointments. This can be hard to achieve, according to some reviews, because if the waiting time exceeds the visa timeframe, then an applicant will not be able to attend.

Lawyers of Public Investments Solutions will act on your behalf whenever it is needed. They will also provide consultations and regularly update you on the status of your application.

You can relax and trust the professionals.


According to reviews about Public Investments Solutions, we can conclude that the overall experience of using this company’s legal assistance is satisfactory. Former Public Investments Solutions’ clients mention taking care of all the necessary documents, an individual approach, and a high level of legal expertise that results in government approvals. Immigration applications are reviewed in a relatively fast manner, which is why most customers are pleased with PIS’ services.

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