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Rhode Island Independence Celebrations: What To Expect?

On the Fourth of July 1776, the United States acquired its independence. It is, therefore, a federal holiday in the United States. Two days before the States was declared independent; the Congress had voted to declare independence. But it didn’t happen until the Fourth of July. In that contest, States begins celebrating independence on July first or before in Rhode Island. 

The independence celebrations are far and wide, but the bottom line is the festivals are based on the culture of the United States citizens. Some of the things done during independence celebrations include fireworks, picnics, family reunions, barbecue, carnivals, police parades, political speeches, and games.

Bristol in Rhode Island is one of the oldest towns in the US, and they start their celebrations on June fourteenth through July fourth. What an excellent way to enjoy summer? Look out for local police news Rhode Island to get a glimpse of what happens during celebrations and other news.

Here is what you’ll enjoy in Rhode Island if you wish to celebrate Independence Day in it.

1. Fireworks

Independence Celebations

This is a cultural event in the United States. It’s part of the celebration. In fact, it’s a requirement. No celebration without fireworks and the Independence Day celebration is no different. Bristol Harbor, Narragansett beach are some of the places that will host independence celebrations.

2. The parade

Independence Celebations

It’s a 2.5 miles parade. It involves local police, musicians, celebrities and the entire United States citizens marching and singing traditional anthems and songs. It’s an event you don’t want to miss. Also, expect military bands.

3. Concerts

Independence Celebations

If you are a lover for live shows, then you are covered. It takes place at Independence Park. There is a military band that showcases their talent followed by classic rock. The music and dances are highly choreographed; you would think they go through training. If you have never enjoyed Independence Day, have a look at local police news Rhode Island to find more that happened in past years. It will motivate you to join them this year and next to come.

4. Red, blue, white

Independence Celebations

The color you get to see at the usual time of the year is the yellow school buses and yellow lines on the road. But, when it comes to independence celebrations, expect to see the colors composing that of United States flag: red, blue and white. When you combine the three colors and the color of the flowers on the streets, the scene becomes magical. It is something you don’t want to miss. It’s an excellent way to remind yourself far you have come as a country.

5. Newport music festivals

Independence Celebations

The anniversary of Newport ties with the independence day of the States. Therefore, you should expect a well-coordinated show which includes anthems honoring the military and other music. You are a patriot, aren’t you? So spending your time on the historic Newport will enable you to learn a lot about your country and enjoy the excellent music.

These are a few ways you can enjoy your time in Rhode Island during independence celebration. There is so much more you can enjoy whether old or young.

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