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Robots: Can they replace humans in the workplace?

The thought of being able to replace a human with a computer and robot is appealing to businesses trying to save money. A robot may labour without pay or benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is frequently quicker and makes fewer mistakes than a person. Workers can benefit from robots because they can conduct repetitive, monotonous, or dangerous activities while humans focus on more stimulating things. It’s said that Robots are ‘to replace up to 20 million factory jobs‘ by 2030.

Robots and automation have made enormous advancements in their performance and capacities in recent years, and they have begun to displace more human occupations. The list below includes jobs that have been or are being replaced by robots and computers.

Customer Service

Robots and AI have grown quite popular in the customer service industry, with chatbots among the first to assist their human colleagues with customer support in the workplace. There are a number of industries that use this service, including retail companies, banks, real estate, and even the iGaming industry. They take advantage of this technology to cut down on the number of people they need to employ, as well as increase the number of customers they can support at one time – something that’s especially important in the gambling industry. With so many online casinos to choose from and a range of bonus offers out there, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. As a result, to be successful, these firms must stand apart from their competitors. This is accomplished through providing outstanding customer service that AI assists with. Not only that but AI is used to compare different casinos by analysing thousands of websites online. This technology is a game-changer when looking for a casino that will provide you with quick and efficient service – especially if you are playing from Indian territories where gaming is very popular. You’ll want to find the best online casino in India that is safe and secure, has the best promos, and has excellent ratings.

Factory and assembly-line workers

Computer-controlled assembly and industrial robots, which can construct vehicles and other items, have been in use since the late 1950s. Robots are now used in practically all big industrial activities to produce millions of different goods effectively and at a reasonable cost.

Many robots, such as Rethink Robotics’ Baxter and Sawyer, can be programmed by anybody. They do not necessitate the use of a qualified technician to program the robot to accomplish the activities that it is intended to undertake. More firms will utilise these types of robots in their environments as they get smarter and less expensive.

Hotel workers and room service

A few hotels have begun to experiment with replacing hotel workers, such as receptionists and room service workers, with robots that do the same functions. Many of these professions are being replaced by robots and computers, which, like all other technologies, are becoming more efficient and broadly accepted as they grow more efficient and widely accepted.

Fast food restaurant staff

Because fast-food restaurants utilise an assembly-line approach to cooking, many roles may be performed by specialised automatons. White Castle was the very first dining business to utilise Flippy, a burger-grilling robot. Chipotle is likewise experimenting with its own bot. Taking a cue from White Castle, this one is called Chippy, and it’s designed to cook and season Chipotle’s famous lime-dusted tortilla chips. Panera is also using artificial intelligence to monitor its coffee stations, while McDonald’s has announced a cooperation with IBM to accelerate the use of ai technology in drive-thru order-taking, which it has previously been testing in Chicago.

Researchers and analysts

E-discovery lawyers and research robots are already replacing paralegals and other workers in law companies. These robots can search through millions of papers for pertinent facts, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information using keywords.

Many investment bankers are also being replaced by computer algorithms developed to analyse financial data and identify patterns and trends. Discovering these trends and patterns automatically is used to assist in more effectively investing and identifying financial opportunities or hazards.

Retail services

Computers and robots are taking over retail services. Automated services have taken the role of people who manage sales. Because many stores are concentrating on self-ordering and payment options, AI may be quickly integrated. To better understand client habits, many retail professions are being replaced by robots. Furthermore, the enormous data analysis performed by AI machines indicates alternative goods in which consumers may be interested in the future.

So, are robots a pathbreaking invention or a nightmare to mankind who will someday take over all human jobs? No, they won’t, but they will stay to help us with the duties we don’t find interesting or those that are considered too risky for humans, leaving us to the more interesting jobs we’d prefer to do.

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