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Top 22 Famous Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

If a person unexpectedly becomes famous because of his/her hard work and luck, they will change their name to get more recognition/identity.  The same formula is followed by our favorite Bollywood actors.’ Some actors ‘ screen presence may be pleasant but their names don’t suit them. In that case, they prefer a name change. Their name change may be a big asset for them by making them more attractive.  And even as per numerology, superstition sentiment they often prefer name change. This is a  list of some of our Bollywood celebrities with their actual names.

1) Dilip Kumar:

Dilip Kumar actual name is Muhammad Yusuf Khan. Dilip Kumar was born on December 11, 1922. First khan brand from Bollywood.  Dilip Kumar changed his name from Yusuf khan as per producer Devika rani’s request. After back to back 3 flop movies which he didn’t get recognized, Devika rani asked him to change his name and start afresh for a new launch but the Yusuf khan name wasn’t set for him.  He felt that it’s not a bad idea to adopt a screen name. So he thought Dilip Kumar is an appropriate name that suits him very well.  So from that time to till now, he is famous with his changed name as Dilip Kumar.

Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

2) Amitabh Bachan:

Amitabh Bachan is also known as BIG-B who changed his name from Srivastav to Bachan. Bachan was the pen name given by his father. Amitabh Bachan actual name is Inquilaab Shrivastava. Under his pen name given by his father, he published all his works. Amitab’s father decided to give him a surname that does not reflect a caste and it got popularised as Amitabh Bachan now.

Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

3)Sunny Deol:

Ajay Singh Deol was famous for his screen name sunny Deol, a current member of parliament from Gurdaspur of Punjab state.  He is also known as the Angry man of Bollywood. Sunny Deol is the nephew of actor Dharmendra. 

Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

4) Preetam Singh Zinta:

Preetam Singh Zinta very famous as Preity Zinta a cute dimpled pretty girl with her adorable smile won many people hearts not only in Bollywood but also in Tollywood.  But in the year 2017, she tweeted that during a soldier(movie)  shoot her co-actor bobby Deol named her preteen because she was one of the boys in the scene. Movie Soldier was released in 1998. So it’s clear that her name is Preity Zinta then and now.

Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

5) Tiger Shroff:

Tiger shroff’s real name is Jai Hemanth Shroff.  His father, a very famous Bollywood celebrity Jackie Shroff, named him Tiger shroff because of his childhood habit.  There is a funny reason behind his name change as he used to bite on the hands of people when he was a kid.  So his father named him as Tiger shroff 

Bollywood celebrities with their actual names

6) Katrina kaif:

The original name of Katrina Kaif is Katrina turquotte.  She changed her name because she thought it would be easier for people to pronounce her name and to remember her with a unique identity.


7) Sajid Ali Khan:

Sajid Ali Khan renamed as Saif Ali khan.  His father Mansoor Ali khan a famous cricket lead in the 1970s named him saif from Sajid.  Basically, they are from a Pataudi family. He had never used Pataudi in his name. He always wanted to present himself as an actor.

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8) Mahima Chaudhary:

Mahima Chaudhary original name is Ritu Chaudhary. To succeed in her reel life famous director Subhash Ghai advised her to change her name to Mahima from Ritu. 

9) Govind Arun Ahuja:

A  person who made the audience laugh with his acting is hero Govinda.  He was also known as the king of comedy.  Throughout his career, he changed his name six times. But Govinda was indeed a lucky name for him.

10) Tabassum Hashmi:

A Well known versatile actress not only in Bollywood but also in Tollywood and Kollywood is none other than tabu. She is having another recognition as the niece of Shabana Azmi. Later after entering the industry her nearest and dearest ones suggested her name change to get identified and popular.

11) Ajay Devagan:

Actually, he was named Vishal Veeru Devegan. When he was ready to start his career there were already 3 vishals in the industry. So with no option, he changed his name to Ajay Devgan and was not missed in the crowd and earned a huge fan base for him.

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12) Hrithik Roshan:

Actually named Hrithik Rakesh Nagrath before entering the industry.  He is also known as Dancing king. His father is Rakesh Roshan, a famous director. He is one of the highest paying actors among the other actors. He wouldn’t get this popular if he doesn’t change his name.

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13) Farah Abraham:

 John Abraham is actually named Farah Abraham. His mother gave him a name John’s Parsi.  His father named him John as first name and Abraham as his last name.


14) Ravi Kapoor:

Famously known as Jeetendra.  He has 2 kids who are the most popular.  Ekta Kapoor and Tushar Kapoor. Jeetendra is also a famous producer, and director apart from acting. 

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15) Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi:

Popularised with her on-screen name Madhubala. She initially worked as a child artist. Famous actress Devika rani (1930s-1940s) was very impressed by her performance and she wanted to advise her to change her name to get casted on Bollywood screen. After changing her name and debut she sparkled like glitter.

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16) Rajiv Hari om Bhatia:

If he gets popular with his actual name, it would be a punishment for the audience to pronounce Akshay Kumar’s name. But luckily he didn’t punish us and changed his name to Akshay.  Akshay stated that in his debut film “Aaj” his lead actor Kumar Gaurav character was Akshay. So he didn’t know what happened and all of a sudden he went to court and changed his name to Akshay.

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17) Shahid Khattak:

 Shahid, our beloved Kabir Singh and jersey actor Kapoor are well suited when compared with khattar.  There is a small sad version about his name change as his parents broke up when he was at the age of 3. His mother Neelima Azeem got married to Rajesh khattar.   So he didn’t like his name as shahid khattar and changed it to Shahid Kapoor.

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18) Reema Lamba:

 Mallika Sherawat’s actual name is Reema Lamba. Her father opposed her decision to enter into the film industry which will cause damage to their family pride and reputation. So she decided to enter into the industry by changing the name Mallika Sherawat by adapting her mother’s second name.

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19) Ashwini Shetty:

Ashwini Shetty well known as Shilpa Shetty is a well-known actress, businesswoman and mom. Her mother is an astrologer and she predicted and suggested that a name change as Shilpa can bring luck favour in her life.  So she changed her name to Shilpa Shetty from Ashwini Shetty.

20) Gouranga Chakraborty:

Actually known as Mithun Chakraborty and famous as Mithun Da. He is also a singer, and even a writer, former Rajya Sabha member.In fact, he is an all-rounder

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21) Johny Lever:

The actual name was john Prakash Rao Janumala. But the name Johny lever was given to him by workers of Hindustan lever ltd after a function because of his entertainment to the people and especially for his mimicry. He is known as the best comedian of Bollywood by the critics.

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22) Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan:

Sridevi, a south Indian actress occupied the top chair even in Bollywood. Initially, she landed with her actual name, but later she realised that it’s very complicated to spell her name and changed to Sridevi.

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hope you like this list some of our Bollywood celebrities with their actual names. Show your love in comments section.


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