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12 Weird Laws weird from all over the World

Law is a procedure that is generated to set certain conducts and all individuals must abide by these structure of rules. These regulations and order are made for safety, equality, and peace among all.

The law differs from country to country. But there are some bizzare laws and enforcement followed by certain countries. Here are 12 weird laws from all over the world which you must check out in 2019.


In Oklahoma, it is a punishable offence to dress up your pet in adorable outfits. As it is a crime to cover up the hind legs of animals. If you are new in Oklahoma and want to pet any animal be sure you go through this particular guideline.


Water sports are fun especially if you are a water baby. But people of Cambodia are banned from using Water squirt guns. This is because an accident had occurred when water was splashed at a bike rider and thus this rule is passed to maintain safety.


In Norway, it is a crime if you ask regarding the way to the church. Yes, you heard it right. If you are a tourist visiting the beautiful city of Norway then a brushup of the acts and laws must be well read.


If we feel happy, agree or like something first thing we do is show our thumbs up. But in Turkey, it is an offence and punishable act to indicate Ok gesture. Be careful while expressing your happiness in Turkey.


In Ukraine, it is a crime to give an even number of flowers to anyone. They find it offensive because even number of flowers are used during mourning and burial time. So better safe than sorry, what seems pretty to you may be an offensive or bad omen to others.


In France, it is a crime to speak or question about money. They believe in keeping silence on money matters so that it grows. It is more illicit than speaking about sex.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, one is banned from honking as it is regarded as an insult to people walking or driving on the road. One is only required to honk to alert the driver about risk or endangerment.


After finishing a can of beer we playfully tend to crush it sometimes. But in Australia crushing a beer can with breasts is banned. Recently a barmaid was arrested for crushing a beer can with her breasts and butts. She was detained on the grounds of exhibiting her sexual orientation too much.


In Mexico, there is a law that says one is not supposed to get offended at local’s jokes. As Mexicans are humorously good people they create a pleasant atmosphere. If you visit Mexico and become a target to locals be careful to not walk off but laugh back.


In La Paz, married women are refrained from drinking beyond one glass. This is done so that a woman doesn’t get high and woos other men around. But this law is not applicable to married men, because they will not flirt with other women as much drunk as they are.


When you are about to leave a restaurant you keep back tips for the hospitality and service. But in Japan one is not allowed to give tips. If you go to the beautiful city of Japan be very careful to not give any tips.


Legitimate boozing age in India starts from 21 to 25 years. There is another law that gives a right to vote to an individual from the age of 18. But according to this law, a person needs to grow older to determine whether he is fully grown up to drink alcohol.

Do you know any other strange law around the world? Let us know in the comment sections!

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