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Top 15 Interesting New Year’s Resolution ideas for 2019

It’s New Year’s time! The time when everyone sets a goal for themselves and hopes to fulfill them. A new year does not only mean the changing of the time, for many people it’s the new era of rejuvenation, renewal, and transformation. Around New Year’s people make them believe that they will do better this year, and pray for a better tomorrow.

New Year’s resolution, by definition, means a promise a person makes to do something good or to quit something bad on the first day of the year. That promise can be anything, to exercise more, to eat healthy, and to go on diet. ANYTHING. As 2018 comes to an end, let’s have a look at the most interesting New Year’s resolutions set by people for 2019 because looking at the regular resolutions would be mundane.


This is regarded as the most common New Year’s resolution. Gym owners have a field day in the month of January because they know that many people have set this as a resolution. While talking to people this was the most common New Year’s resolution they have set. Studies show that in January there is an 18% increase in a gym membership. Another study shows that 73% even give up on their resolution before meeting their goal.

New Year's Resolution ideas

 – 42 percent say that it’s too difficult to follow the diet.

 – 38 percent say that it’s hard to get back on track once they fall off.

 – 36 percent say it’s hard to find the time.


Eating healthy is a goal that deserves applause because it can be very hard to achieve. We are surrounded by junk food left right, and everyone’s mouth waters when they see a pizza. People have a different definition of eating healthy, eating healthy does not mean just eating salads and giving up on any other forms of food. It means having a balanced diet. 65% kept this for more than a month with 19% completing it. Here are some tips on how to follow through it:

New Year's Resolution ideas

 – Start small- try to reduce your sugar intake little by little.

 – Add more green vegetables- try adding them in breakfast.

 – Do not give up eating- it will only cause more harm.


To give up on this habit you do not need to wait for New Year’s. If a person sets this as a goal he/she must follow through it, because smoking slowly but surely leading you to death, yet it is one of the most difficult New Year’s resolutions to keep. A smoker makes at least one attempt to quit smoking. Even if he/she fails, they should try again. This one year of hard work can save those years of treatment ahead. There are some treatments like Nicotine bars which have proven to be quite helpful.

New Year's Resolution ideas


This resolution has been the priority list of many people. According to a survey, 61% kept this for more than a month and only 31% person sticking to it for a year. Alcohol consumption has been the root cause of diseases like cancer, dementia, depression, seizures, and gout. You do not become a heavy drinker with just a snap of your fingers; people usually start with taking it at parties and then slowly increasing the amount. There is a lot of help and support available. There are some tips one can follow if he/she wants to quit smoking:

New Year's Resolution ideas

 – Avoid temptation

 – Make your intentions known

 – Gradually reduce your drinking


You don’t need to wait for the New Year to start saving. You can start it anytime anywhere. But most people add saving more money to their New Year’s resolution because, for them, a new year means more opportunities and hope. But when it comes about money there is a lot of commitment and dedication required. Even if you fall somewhere, do not give up and put aside the idea for saving, try once more. Some tips that can make saving easier:

New Year's Resolution ideas

 – Learn to save

 – Build a budget

 – Find ways to generate side income


Most of the people set this as the New Year’s resolution because at the end of the end they evaluate what they did the previous year. No one wants to just do a 9-5 job and then die; everyone wants to enjoy their life. After all, we only get one chance to live. Living life to the fullest does not means enjoying extravagant things; a person can find happiness in the smallest things as well as spending time with your family, taking a walk, digital detoxification etc.

New Year's Resolution ideas


This New Year’s resolution will let you grow, just imagine the different places you can visit, different cultures you can see, different cuisines you can try. All these things contain the capabilities to heal a person spiritually and mentally. You do not have to travel far if your pocket does not allow. Most people will abandon the resolution making this same excuse, ‘their pocket does not allow’. Just visiting a garden will open your eyes and you will see the world in a completely different way. Add this as your new year’s resolution and fill your brain with beautiful memories. Here is a guide on how to stay healthy while travelling.

New Year's Resolution ideas

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