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Soulful songs that are meant to bless your playlist

We all have our different tastes in music but some songs deserve our attention for their excellent music and the feelings they share with us.

1) Teri Yaad jab ati hai..

This song by Lucky Ali brings all the emotions back that we have put in a coffin. “Maine wada toh nibhaya tha, sath toh nibhaya tha….fir bhi tera dil toh dukhaya tha.” Doesn’t it hit every one of us who have gone through the idea of a perfect love but never got it? Did everything but could never keep that one person happy? And still, somewhere we feel for them and want to tell them to come back.

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2) Beetey Lamhein…

The composition of this song is unmatched and it never gets old. It has gotten KK’s magical voice and words that relate every broken heart. “Ake meri penahon mein sham-o-seher, kaanch ki tarah woh toot jana tera.” , is still someone’s memory for the rest of his life. The time has been hard on some of us and has jerked everything we embraced. For a better life, those remembrances need to be celebrated in a positive way to move forward.

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3) Boondan-Boondan...

Not your typical playlist for sure, but this song by Noor Mohammed Sodha and Ankita Joshi is all about adding unusual freshness to your usual rainy season. Written to show the excitement of meeting with the beloved during the scenic monsoon season, it has an Indic/classical touch to it. 

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4) Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq…

This is poetry by Siraj Aurangabadi, sung by Ali Sethi and is absolute honey in one’s ears. We have to be stone-hearted to not melt as the lyrics advance. “Na to tu raha na to main raha, jo rahi so bekhabri rahi.”  This is also a must in your collection if you are in awe of the Urdu language. 

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5) Chan Kitthan…

Who doesn’t love Ayushmann Khurrana and his melodious, unique voice? This particular song reveals all the hidden strings he had. The lyrics are penned by Kumaar. “Chan bani tu patharan di tarah,

Kade samajh mere jazbaat ve.” The pain and the love aren’t so different after all. 

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6) Ey Hairathe Ashiqui…

Sung by Hariharan, Alka Yagnik, A.R. Rahman, Mohammed Aslam and penned by Gulzar, this song is a blessing to us. Unique in its composition and music, beautiful in its presentation, it’s nothing but love spilt on paper. “Kabhi jhanko meri ankhein, sunaye ek dastaan jo honton se khole na.” All the wooing and romance is wrapped around it.

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7) Tere Bin….

Written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, no one needs to tell you how beautiful the duet has to be. Revolves around two people madly in love with each other, suits just a lot of serious couples out there. 

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8) Tose naina Laage piya Sawre..

Music is by Mithoon and lyrics is by Hasan Kamaal. The complete in themselves but still incomplete love stories are in numbers among us. For those who equate the importance of existence to the presence of love in it, cannot keep it away from their collection of good music. ” Shamaa ko pighalne ka armaan kyun hai, patangey ko jalne ka armaan kyun hai”, these are eternal questions with varying answers. Some define it as pain, some describe it as the only purpose. 

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9) Bhaage re man..

In Sunidhi Chauhan’s mellow voice Sandesh Shandilya’s exceptional music, this song talks about the carefree, open to love and full of life hearts of ours. It’s like a song well deserved for all the pain it handles from time to time. “Aisa samaa, phir hoga kahan…jee lu main ise khulke, sawan mein zaraa ghulke”,  it is literally written to make you happy from within. 

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