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What Will be your weight on other planets

Your weight on other solar system objects

Did you ever wonder what will be your weight on other planets? As we know, the weight of any object depends on the gravity of the place. So, the weight of an object may differ on the Earth and the Moon. The value of gravity on Earth is 9.8m/s2 and the value of gravity is different on other solar system planets, moons and stars.

You can easily calculate your weight on other planet, moons and start by simply entering your weight on Earth in the below textbox.You can enter your weight in any unit like Kilograms, Pounds, etc., and the tool will calculate your weight on other planets in same unit. Once you enter your weight and click on calculate, it will calculate your weight on other planets, moons, and stars. The calculated weight on other solar system objects will be populated. You will be surprised to see how you weight varies across different worlds.


The Planets


weight on Mercury
Your weight is


weight on Venus
Your weight is


weight on Moon
Your weight is


weight on Mars
Your weight is


Weight on Jupiter
Your weight is


Weight on Saturn
Your weight is


Weight on Uranus
Your weight is


Weight on Neptune
Your weight is


Weight on Pluto
Your weight is

The Moons of Jupiter


Weight on Io moon
Your weight is


Weight on Europa moon
Your weight is


Weight on Ganymede moon
Your weight is


Weight on Ganymede moon
Your weight is



weight on Sun
Your weight is

Just to make sure, do not confuse weight with the mass. They may look the same, but they are completely different. The mass of an object remains the same irrespective of the place, Only the weight of the object varies. The mass of an object is the measure of the amount of matter it contains. The weight of an object is the force it exerts when it is in a gravitational field. So the weight of an object depends on the value of the gravitational field. Let’s take an example, you are flying in a spaceship and you stand up on a weight scale and it reads zero. There is no gravity in the space and your weight becomes zero but you still have the mass. Your body still contains the matter, only your weight changes to zero.

Our solar system is very vast, and it contains a lot of objects like planets, comets, moons, asteroids, stars, etc. There are so many different worlds in the solar system. The sun is the center of the solar system, and it has a very huge gravity. By calculating your weights on other planets, you will also an idea about the amount of the gravitational force the planet exerts. If your weight is high on a planet, it means the planet has a high value of gravity. For example, your weight on the moon is about one-sixth of the weight on your weight on Earth. This means the value of gravity on the Moon is about one-sixth of the Earth’s gravity.

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