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Why you should not underestimate the power of a Chocolate!

The word “Chocolate” brings water into our mouths. Be it a birthday, festival or good news people celebrate with Chocolate so that their happy moment is filled with sweetness. In fact, we do not require any reason or occasion to eat Chocolates. It is a popular munchy snack among kids as well as old people. But every men/ woman get cautious about eating chocolate and gets confused considering it might not be healthy for them. Here we have brought to you the amazing health benefits of chocolates so that you can start eating it without any hesitation.


But how many of us know about the salubrious value of a Dark Chocolate? According to the latest survey, dark chocolate does the work of a “Healer” for women. Yes! Chocolates are the most yearned food, especially among women. As Dark chocolate is a combination of Cocoa butter and milk it is bitter in taste. Therefore people are reluctant to eat it. Below are some of the health benefits of Chocolates you might find difficult to believe but are true.

1. Enrichment of overall body functioning:

Dark chocolates are proved to be of great benefit as it carries paramount of nutrients. The high protein ratio in it strengthens muscles of the body and boosts immunity. Dark chocolate helps to lower Cholesterol level in the body.


2. Fights disease causing bacteria: 

Dark chocolates have antioxidants which kill free radicals responsible for causing cancer. It aids in fighting low blood pressure and heart diseases. It is an excellent remedy for people having Diabetes, as it minimizes Insulin sensitivity. Dark chocolates possess the power of nursing Asthma. It also cures Anemia by purifying our blood.


3. Maintenance of body parts:

There is no fear of a toothache or decay as a bar of dark chocolate contains little sugar in it. Dark chocolates can terminate inflammation in the guts. Indulging in Dark chocolate during pregnancy can promote in mature infant growth. It also uplifts increased blood flow which further aids to clear vision.


5. Retains mental stability:

Dark chocolate strengthens the brain cells and promotes stress reduction. Gratifying in a bar of dark chocolate helps to release “Endorphins” a brain chemical that helps to achieve the state of tranquility. Researchers have proved that dark chocolates play a part in improving memory. Dark chocolates have “serotonin” which are eliminator of depression.



6. Upkeep hormones in equilibrium:

Eating a dark chocolate releases pleasure hormones or sensations which are more amusing than listening to music or falling in love. The perfect blend of whiff, appearance and polished style instigate hormones leading to enormous satisfaction. It also helps to release “dopamine” in the brain which is known as happy hormones.



7. Fights sun rays and gives glow to your skin:

Dark Chocolates have lots of skin benefits. It might be difficult to believe but yeah Dark chocolates help in getting glowing skin. It acts as a substitute to sunscreen lotions by fighting sun rays. Dark chocolate has caffeine content which detaches numb skin and provides an outlet for the brand new skin to inhale. “Flavonols” found in dark chocolates have the ability to eradicate wrinkles.


8. Invigoration in hair growth:

The nutrients present in Dark chocolate boosts healthy scalp and well-nourished hair. It also prohibits hair fall and hair damage. As it also has conditioning properties, dark chocolate supplements bulky and sparkling hair.


Wondering what is the nutritional value of a dark chocolate? Find it below.

Dark chocolate Nutrition: 

Energy: 647.33 Kcal
Carbohydrates: 45.90 Grams
Fat: 42.63 Gram
Protein: 7.79 Gram
Calcium: 73 Mg
Iron: 11.90 Mg
Water: 1.37 Gram
Caffeine: 80 Mg
Cholesterol: 3 Mg
Potassium: 438 Mg
Sugar: 54 Gram


All these powerhouse of nourishments give positive effects mentally and physically.

Dark chocolate Preventive measures:

Dark chocolates contain a small proportion of sugar therefore overeating can lead to weight gain, constipation and stomach ache. People having an intolerance to dairy products should refrain from eating it. Pregnant women should consult their doctor about the quantity of intake.


Utility of Dark chocolates:

Consuming dark chocolate in 30 to 60 grams per day can supply with lots of health advantages. Enjoy Dark chocolate without any guilt and gift yourself a great health. It gives a hearty feeling of fullness, satisfies the craving and is far better than junk food. So, ladies when you stress on gaining a pound, think twice because it is cheaper than going to a therapist.

Do you know any other prominent benefits of dark chocolates, let us know in the comment section!


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