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15 Inspirational Quotes by Superstar Rajinikanth, Twitter Reactions and Wishes

The Legend of Tamil Cinema and the real Thalaiva Sir Rajinikanth has continued to inspire people through his films, style and his opinions. His own life story itself is an inspiration for millions. the mass popularity that he has gained is unmatachable. He was felicitated with India’s third highest honour, the Padma Bhushan, for his contribution to Indian cinema. As he turns 70 today and on the eve of his birthday here are 15 best Inspirational quotes by Superstar Rajinikanth that will clearly motivate you.

1. “Miracles do happen. An ordinary bus conductor is today sharing the dais with greatest living legends of India.”

Rajinikanth Inspirational Qutes

2. “Whether you drive a BMW or Maruti, the road remains the same. Whether you fly Economy or Business Class, your destination doesn’t change. Whether you wear a Titan or Rolex, time remains the same. Whether you use a Samsung or Apple, the people who call you are the same. There is nothing wrong in dreaming about a luxurious life. What needs to be seen is that need doesn’t become greed, because needs can always be met… but greed can never be fulfilled.”

Inspirational quotes

3. “God gives a lot of things to bad people, but he will let them fail eventually. God tests Good people a lot, but he will never let them down.”

Rajinikanth Quotes

4. “You won’t get anything without hard work. What you get without hard work will never fructify.”

Best Rajinikanth Quotes

5. “If the food you eat stays in your body, your health will get spoilt. If the money you make stays in your pockets, your life will get spoilt.”

Rajinikanth Quotes

6. “I believe spiritualism is above everything, and I would choose it over name, fame, and money because spiritualism gives you power, and I love power.”

Powerful Rajinikanth Quotes

7. “Yesterday deeds is what we are living today and today’s deeds alone is going to decide our tomorrow. So, future is in your hands.”

quotes by Rajinikanth

8. “Do it for the people who want to see you fail”

Best Rajinikanth Quotes

9. “A greedy man and an angry woman have never lived prosperously.”

Quotes by Rajinikanth

10. “Successful people always carry two things on their face. Smile and silence. Smile to solve the problems and silence to avoid problems.”

Motivational Quotes by Rajinikanth

11. “I am drawn towards the power of spirituality and derive a lot of energy from it.”

quotes of Rajinikanth

12. “I am like sun, nobody can touch me and my haters are like stars, nobody can count them.”

Inspirational Quotes of Rajinikanth

13. “Move in silence, only speak when its time to say ‘Checkmate’.”

Inspirational Quotes Of Rajinikanth

14. “When a king arrives, no matter how much ever the soldiers’ count is, they have to bend their heads.”

Best inspirational Quotes of Rajinikanth

15. “I started from nothing, now I don’t stop for anything.”

Rajinikanth best Quotes

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