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A Guide to Choose the Best Clone Golf Putters

The kind of golf putters you choose has a direct impact on your game. While it is always a good idea to buy the best of the branded putters, there is no denying that they can be quite expensive. Clone putters have all the same qualities, and they are a great way of finding out whether a particular kind of putter is well-suited for you. And yet, they are far more affordable. Once you have figured out the right sort of putter for yourself, you may upgrade to branded ones. 

Here is what you need to know while buying clone putters

Length of the Shaft

The ideal length of the shaft will depend on your height in most cases. Shafts that are too long will prevent you from bending at the right angle and freely swing your arm. If it is too stiff, you will not get the flexibility needed for the swing.

The swing force is essential for long-distance shots, so always check the shaft length before buying. The average putter length is between 33″ and 35″.

Putter Design

Golf putters come in three main designs. You can buy one of each clone putters for testing. 

Blade: The blade putter has a straightforward design. When you take a hit from the middle of the putter, you get near-perfect long-distance shots.

Half Mallet: This has a blade design but is designed for more comfortable hits. It is excellent for beginners who have just begun practising long-distance shots. 

Mallet: The mallet is the heaviest of the golf putters in general. They are designed for more accurate alignment of the ball with holes and are great for target hole practice. 

Type of Stroke

Choosing a golf putter will also depend on your kind of game. Some golfers prefer straight shots, while some are more inclined towards a slight arc. The type of stroke you prefer will be a significant factor in choosing your clone putter.

If you prefer straight strokes, choose a putter with a face angle as square as possible to the target. For slight arc strokes, a putter with a little closed face would be ideal, opening the face on the backstroke if needed.

Much will also depend on the head balancing. You could choose a face-balanced putter or a toe-hang putter depending on whether you want straight or slightly arc strokes. 

Head Shape and Weight

After deciding whether a face-balanced or toe-hang putter is best for you, look at the head’s weight and shape. It could depend on whether you are playing on a standard golf course or if there is too much green.

You can go for a clone putter with a heavier head for a more significant impact on the hit in case of too much grass. On faster greens, you should opt for a light putter head. The touch of the grip you hold on and how the weight feels on your hand should also determine your choice of the putter. 

With clone putters, you can try various combinations of size, length, weight, and shape without spending too much. It could be a while before you have figured out all the aspects, and till then, you can keep on honing your skills with them. 

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