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CAA Opinion Poll: Do you support Citizenship Amendment Act?

Citizenship Amendment Act has created a mood of protest all of the country. The Citizenship Amendment Bill

was introduced and passed by the Parliament of India on 11th December 2019. According to the Act, the migrants who had entered the Indian subcontinent before or on 31st December 2014 and had suffered “religious persecution” in their country were eligible for citizenship in India. This divided the country into two halves, one who were supporting the act and the latter, who were opposing the act.


Many protests have been organized all over the country against the act, and it has caused a lot of violence and clashes between the police and the citizens. Educational institutions also participated in the protest against CAA in huge numbers, and many students were injured during the clashes with the police.

Even after so much backlash from the citizens of India, the Government Of India made CAA effective from 10th January 2020.

What are your views about the same? Are you for it or against it? Do participate in the poll and let us know.

Do vote and tell us your views about Citizenship Amendment Act


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