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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Buying an Inverter for Home

Inverters are available in a huge variety of types, models and specifications. While purchasing an inverter, you should make sure that you are not making any mistakes to avoid future complications. You must have sufficient knowledge about the product. You must also have an adequate idea about its maintenance, frequency and voltage requirements. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid while buying an inverter for home.

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1. Don’t Buy An Unsuitable Battery

You must buy a battery that suits your requirements and also supported by the inverter. There are different types of batteries including lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, deep cycle batteries. Batteries need to be selected based on their power rating. If you buy the wrong battery then you may not be able to get adequate power and may not be able to operate the inverter properly. A good suggestion would be to buy a battery that matches the size of the inverter for home you intend to buy.

2. Don’t Forget The Battery Size

The most common mistake to avoid while buying an inverter for home is forgetting the size of the battery required for the inverter. Most people do not understand the difference between a built-in and battery backup battery. They end up buying a battery that is too large for the requirements of the inverter. A small battery backup battery can power the inverter during a power outage but will not function properly if the power goes out for a long time. Therefore you should buy the correct size of the battery.

3. Don’t Try To Install Without A Professional

The best way to avoid this mistake while buying an inverter for home is to have the dealer installs the inverter for you. It is always advisable to buy a branded product. It is also advisable to consult a professional electrician before you buy the inverter. An electrician will be able to guide you better and explain the components of the inverter better. They will also make suggestions on how to maintain your new purchase.

4. Have A Proper Knowledge

There are certain types of inverters for home-like battery-backed inverters. These types of inverters work on the principle of battery backup. When the power goes out, these inverters kick in to provide power. This is one of the most reliable forms of inverters. However, these types of inverters require a constant power supply from the utilities to function.

The second type of inverter is the standard battery inverter. This type of inverter works off the main power source and plugs into the mains when the power goes out. These are more expensive than the battery-powered ones. In some cases, these inverters might even need to be plugged in during power cuts. It is always better to ask an expert to recommend the best option for your home.

5. Don’t Forget About Size Of The Unit

Last but not the least; you should always take into account the size of the unit. Each household may have different needs. If you buy an inverter that is too big for your household then it will be a waste of money. You may need to buy an inverter for you to use all your appliances properly. To avoid wasting money on an inverter that is too big or too small for your requirements, always do thorough research on the different models available.

Thus, these are some of the mistakes to avoid when buying an inverter for home. The correct way is to keep in mind what type of appliance you want to install the inverter and to get an inverter from a reputable company. There are many companies out there that offer various types of inverters so do your research properly. You should always buy from reputed companies only.

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