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10 Most Bizarre Events of 2020 that changed the world!

2020 so far has been the weirdest year right from the start. The pandemic already hit hard to the entire globe but still there came major twists and turns as the months passed. The entire year had major events happening around the world that came as shock bombs to people. Now that the year is about to end, let’s rewind and look at the list of most bizarre events of 2020 that changed the world.

1. Australian Bushfires

The Bush fire broke down in June 2019 and it kept on intensifying from then and it ended in May 2020. There was massive destruction of life and property. Approximately 46.03 million acres of land got burnt in the bush fire. The Australian Capital Territory declared a state of emergency on 31st January 2020 around the areas of Canberra as the fire created havoc around the entire city. Traumatizing pictures of the fire and the animals went viral across all the social media platforms and news channels. Also, the hashtag #PrayforAustralia trended on Twitter with 1.02 million tweets.

2. Mysterious Disappearance of a Star

Ever imagined a massive star to go missing ? But it happened this year, a star which was 2.5 million times bigger than the sun and it was 75 million light years ahead in a galaxy. The astronomers were studying that star for about 2 decades and it disappeared mysteriously. It is suggested that the star might have collapsed into the black hole.

3. Beirut Explosion

A massive explosion took place at the port of Beirut on August 4th, 2020. The port had a higher amount of Ammonium Nitrate stored for about six years there and it exploded with causing great destruction. The explosion was so massive that its vibrations were even felt from Cyprus which is 240 km away from Beirut. Almost 30,000 people were left homeless along with 204 deaths and 6500 injured. the explosion caused property damage of about  US$15 billion. The video of the explosion went viral across the globe.


4. COVID Sample stolen by a Monkey

A weird incident took place in India’s Uttar Pradesh where a monkey attacked a lab technician of a government hospital and escaped with 3 blood samples which were of COVID-19 positive patients. A video went viral that displays the monkey sitting on a tree with the stolen samples.

5. UFO Videos Released By Pentagon

The Pentagon officially released 3 videos that shows ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’. Among the 3 videos one was taken by Navy Pilots in November 2004 and two were taken in January 2015.

6. Asian Giant Hornet Sparked Panic

The Asian Giant Hornet is also known as Murder Hornet aroused panic among the people in the US. The murder hornets possess threats to humans and agriculture. Their sightings were reported around the Canadian Border near Washington.

7. Locust Attack In India

Amid the ongoing pandemic huge swarm of desert Locusts in about 10 states in India i.e Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The Locusts caused huge destruction of the crops. The Locusts destroyed around 90,000 hectares of land alone in Rajasthan. The Locusts entered India through Iran and Pakistan and the attack is counted as one of the worst locust attacks ever happened in India.

8. Elon Musk Gave a Unique Name to his Baby Boy

Elon Musk made a huge headline in the social media after he revealed the name of his baby boy. He named his child ‘X Æ A-12’ which just went over from everyones top of the head. Netizens began to decode the meaning and pronunciation of the name. Entire social media was flooded with memes around the name. Lastly, Grimes clarified the meaning of the name offiially in her twitter handle.

9. Killing of George Floyd

A 46 year old black man named George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020. He was killed while being arrested for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill of $20. This incident created headlines across the globe and people started protests opposing Racism with placards of Black Lives Matters. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter also trended on social media platforms where people all across the globe showed their support for the protest.

10. The 2000 Year Old Cat Drawing Discovered In Peru

A 120 foot long faded drawing of a cat was discovered in Peru by archaeologists on the desert hill side. The drawing is the latest discovery in the group of drawings in the Nazca Desert that are also known as Nazca Lines.

Did you know any other bad or funny thing that happened in 2020? Let us know in the comments section!




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