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Top 5 music speakers from JBL that are worth the spend

If you are someone who starts and ends their day with music, then owning a music speaker is necessary. Because speakers have a superior sound quality and help you create an ambience compared to your regular earphones, instead of blocking your ears throughout the day, you can opt to let the music flow in as an ambient vibe. And the JBL speakers are the perfect catch for anyone interested in buying. Here is a list of 5 great speakers by JBL that you need for all your functions and house parties. 


The rugged build of this mini portable speaker makes it the finest choice for all your travel adventures. It is compact, and its material makes it water and dust-proof making it a durable choice. This helps the speaker stay in good shape for a longer time. And jbl indeed has some vibrant colour options in their speaker collection. The speaker can go well for 5 hours with just a one-time charge with good sound quality.

JBL Jr pop:

This speaker is for the kiddos. It is a mini portable speaker so they can play their favourite jams and dance their hearts out. Parents can be carefree about how the kids treat the speaker as it is made from durable material that can resist bumps and slashes. The best part is that it has a backup battery that will keep the speaker functional for 5 years. And with the complimentary sticker paper, they can decorate it whatever they like.

JBL charge 4:

This beautiful speaker is built differently in terms of looks and functionality as it works as a portable charger. The playback time of the speaker is higher than others, with 12 hours on one charge, and it can function as a power bank with more than 15 watts. The speaker has a capacity of a 7500mAH rechargeable battery which makes it the perfect companion when travelling with your smartphone. The colour tones used in this speaker are unique and chic. 

JBL Clip 4:

As the name suggested, the clip speaker is meant for your outing as the speaker can be easily clipped to any accessible place. You must cut and listen to songs anywhere and quickly hook them to bags, belts, and anywhere to easily tag along wherever you go. This IP67-rated waterproof speaker is the best for all outdoor activities.

JBL multicoloured pulse 4:

This speaker gained popularity as it works as a statement piece in your house and has 360 degrees of kaleidoscopic light. It easily draws attention to itself and sets the vibe of the party. This is a great way to kick-start any party. The lights do not have any pattern and are sound responsive, which makes it more visually appealing to the viewers. And the best part is that it runs 12 hours on a single charge. 

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