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Basics of Freestyle Snowboarding

When you start snowboarding, you think about what tricks are the basis and what you should definitely learn. Just like when you decide to play at a casino, but you don’t know which casino to choose, you can always play on Well, what tricks are worth learning, we’ll figure out in the article.


The world of freestyle snowboarding is very diverse and not everyone immediately understands where to start their journey, what is the first trick to do and what is needed for this.

Let’s start with the fact that the most basic element of freestyle snowboarding is Ollie (jump). The simplest, but most necessary trick, without it, progress will not go far ahead. It is best to learn how to make this element in a flat from bumps or from a small springboard. The main task is to achieve a stable jump so that you don’t get overwhelmed anywhere, and you feel comfortable and collected in the air.


After the jump is mastered, we move on to grabs (grabbing the board with your hand in flight). To make Ollie even more stable and look “cooler”, you need to grab the board. The simplest grab is “indy grab” (taken with the back hand in front between the fasteners) or “mute grab” (taken with the front hand between the fasteners). The next most difficult ones are “nose grab” (taken by the nose of the board with the front hand) and “tail grab” (taken by the tail of the board with the back hand). When these grabs are mastered, you can try to make a large variety of other more complex grabs.


The next stage is rotation. When you already feel comfortable in the air on a small springboard, you can try to do a 180 or 360 degree rotation. FS (frontside) – rotation when the first 180 degrees you fly face forward along the slope. BS (back side) – respectively, when the first 180 degrees go through the back along the slope. When 180 and 360 are in your pocket, you can try more serious rotations of 540 degrees, 720 degrees and so on.


You can also move on to jibbing: sliding on slide boxes, pipes and railings. It is best to start with slide boxes and small but thick HDPE (plastic) pipes. First, we just try to ride in a straight line (50/50 trick) on the slide box. So you will understand what sliding is and how to behave on the figure. Next, we try BS (backside) boardslide, when you drive up with your back to the box and jump on it, turning the board 90 degrees so that you go face forward. The main thing before that, do not forget to grind the edges (how to do this can be read on our Instagram), otherwise you can catch the edge, which will lead to a very unpleasant fall. After that, you can transfer these tricks to a HDPE pipe or railing and start progressing.


Above we have described the most basic tricks from which it is worth starting to master freestyle snowboarding. The number of tricks and their variations is a large set, you can progress indefinitely. You can learn how to do these tricks and progress further in our freestyle snowboarding school. Our experienced trainers will explain in detail how to do each trick and progress under their guidance will go much faster. The main thing is to approach skating wisely and not rush into difficult tricks, it is best to move gradually. And, of course, do not forget about protection.

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