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17 best book publishing marketing strategies for 2020!

Writing is a source of strong conversation amongst people that give an indication and representation to a non-living entity. It is an art. A writer has the potential to give life to a story and turn a dull writing into a fascinating composition. He/she strives day and night to create a perfect masterpiece. 
Writers are like therapists who bestow with :

  • Spiritual luxury 
  • Sensitivity towards fellow beings 
  • Psychological stability 
  • Enhance skills
  • Keeps one acquainted with their customs, heritage, lifestyle, values, traditions and art.
  • Book is a best friend that anyone can have as it never betrays. It has the ability to provide happiness, thrill, peace and a perception.

The responsibility of a writer is to display their narrative in a genuine facet. He/she must showcase the true image of the civilization, their own self, influence, usher and as well as question. A lot of modifications, alterations and proofreading, gives birth to a story that eventually takes the shape of a “Book“.

But your entire hard work can receive severe backlash if not properly executed and presented. Here are some tips for every budding writer to sell their books successfully.

1. Focus on the target audience

Every writer is well acquainted with his/her writing pattern. But before writing a writer needs to study about the audience’s wants, likes, and expectations from a particular genre. For eg. A romance writer will research teenagers and young adults. While technical book writers will focus on businessmen and professionals etc. The writers will extract information based on the latest events, happenings, news, and stories. When a writer grasps his/her audience’s thoughts then the writing becomes much easier.

2. Systematic expression of the overall concept/idea of the book 

A writer pens down his entire research and conceptualization inside his/her book. A proper set of styles to be followed are

  • An excellent introduction to the topic.
  • Short and sweet summary
  • Chapter Wise or scene wise narration.

This technique can attract and interest an audience in the book.

3. Author’s profile 

Digital advancement is the latest invention that can make an individual easily recognizable. Gone are the days when authors were only signified by their pen names. The primary duty of a writer is to have an appealing website with personal details, qualifications, works, and URL of the upcoming book. Social media is a powerful tool that can connect thousands of readers with their writers.

4. Interaction with the audience 

Writing a book and publishing it is not only the sole task required to sell a book. An author needs to be in constant touch with his/her audience before the book is published and even after its release. A reader’s opinion is the fundamental element for an author and the only way to remain updated about their views, thoughts, and comments is through having a conversation with them. Always be prepared to welcome healthy and intellectual debates, so that a reader is aware of your outlook. On your profile page mention all the mediums by which you can be contacted like an email or social media networks etc.

5. Free giveaways and offers

Readers like it when an author they admire interacts or provides tips to them. In order to have a lively relationship, an author must constantly take efforts to provide writing tricks and facts, conduct competitions, give deals and offers to winners like special discounts on the book, as well as keep the audience engaged with creative blogs and content from time to time. 

6. Massive activeness on social media platforms

Social media is a boon to the world because it can make a person famous overnight. The number of net users is increasing, as people are becoming aware of some of the popular platforms. Creating an appealing website and social media account is waste unless you utilize it by keeping knowledge on the latest incidents, updates about the fellow writers and rivals and the audience’s reaction. Therefore active and voracious concentration on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is recommended.

7. Presentation 

Badly presented exterior designs cannot help to reach the beautiful interior contents in the book. The colorful design and a captivating title have the ability to create wonders. The readers go through the design first based on which they buy a book and later it gets opened to read. According to color psychology, a charismatic design, an amusing illustration and an engrossing font of the book’s title are the three deciders of a book’s success rate. Hire an experienced Graphic designer who will bestow an artistic life to the book.

8. Third-person perspective

When you finish writing a book, the pressure of acceptance or rejection arises which is very traumatic. A simple technique that can be used to relieve at least 50% of the worry is to ask your close friends and family members to read the book and provide honest feedback on the same. The various responses will help you immensely and give scope for improvement. Thus a better outcome.

9. Research on prominent writers

No writer gains popularity overnight. Behind their success lies tremendous struggle and hard work that lead them to a renowned position.  An aspiring author should read immensely on top-selling authors, their writing styles, their life history, keep a close watch on their social media activities and remain updated about their previous top-selling as well as the upcoming works. The biggest advantage of researching about them is that their mistakes, drawbacks, and activities are understood which was acquired through their journey.


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