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Best fruity body washes and shower gels to try

Body washes and shower gels have come a long way in the past few decades. These liquid soap products have certainly made their mark in the soap industry and dominated soap bars more than anything else. They are beautifully packaged in easy-to-hold bottles that look stunning in your bathrooms too! Body washes and showers gels today come in exciting fragrances that are fresh and gentle. One of the most popular fragrances in shower gels is fruity fragrances. 

Derived fruit natural fruit extracts or inspired by luscious fruits from far away continents, fruity body washes and shower gels enhance a bathing experience. The best thing about a fruity body wash or shower gel is that it can be used all year round. These fragrances are evergreen and sweet-smelling which will compliment every season. Here are some of the best fruity body washes and shower gels you could try!

Fiama Shower Gel Blackcurrant & Bearberry

This purple shower gel is an infusion of natural ingredients and skin conditioners that work effectively to soften and moisturise dry skin and make it look youthful and firm. This shower gel contains a brilliant fruity fragrance of lush blackcurrants and bearberries and promises a youthful radiance too! 

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Fiama Shower Gel Patchouli & Macadamia 

Another brilliant option if you are looking for a fruity, sweet shower gel with moisture lock and hydrating benefits. This shower gel gives us a beautiful fragrance of Patchouli and Macadamia that will make you fall in love. The biggest feature of this product is that its fruity fragrances lasts hours and keeps you feeling fresh for a long time.

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Vivel Lavender and Almond Oil Body Wash

While lavender isn’t technically a fruit, this body wash smells exceptional. Enriched with lavender and almond oil, this body wash is every bit milky and nourishing and perfect for winters. If you love a body wash that provides you with a tonne of moisture and an enchanting fragrance, this is the one for you.

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Fiama Shower Gel Peach & Avocado

This stunning orange shower gel is equal parts refreshing and equal parts sweet as it contains a peach and avocado fragrance. Fiama Shower Gel Peach and Avocado also contains a generous amount of skin conditioners that soften skin and make it supple. This shower gel additionally features shower beads that gently exfoliate dead skin and leave you with perfect and glowing skin. 

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Fiama Scents Juniper & Geranium

One of Fiama’s longest-lasting fragrances, Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium body wash is a divine fruity body wash. The fragrant Juniper berries along with the goodness of Germanium makes for the best kind of fragrance for an exquisite bath. If you love luxurious fruity scents, this is the body wash for you.

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While these are some of the best fruity body washes in the market according to us, there are many more in the market. You must make sure to look out for as many natural ingredients as possible in these products. Other than natural ingredients, the second most important feature to look out for is a moisturising element. Natural moisturisers can be ingredients like glycerine, honey, coconut milk, almond cream, almond oil and essential oils etc. If these are absent, it is best to choose a product with skin conditioners as they will provide the moisture you need once cleansing your skin! Lastly, when it comes to fragrance, a fruity body wash or shower gel is always a happy option!

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