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What is more annoying than Acne on the face? The Acne Scars, of course. It stays on your skin for a while, as a reminder of your pimpled past. Acne scars can range from severe ones like the Icepick, Rolling or Keloid scars to mild types such as pigmentation, blemishes or open pores. Though dermatologists recommend chemical or laser treatment to remove the toughest of the scars, the moderate and mild ones can be cured by simple home remedies, to a great extent. Given below are 15 powerful home remedies to deal with acne scars. You can either try one remedy at a time or a combination of remedies throughout the week.

1. ICE

This is the simple yet powerful remedy for any type of acne scar. Take ice cubes or an ice pack and massage it directly across the acne-prone area, or over the scars. Try doing the exercise twice a day for best results. Ice soothes the skin and helps in closing and tightening the pores.


Baking soda helps mild to moderate acne scar fade away with regular usage. Take a small quantity of baking soda and mix it with coconut or olive oil (for dry/sensitive skin) OR lemon juice (for oily skin). Gently rub the mixture over the scars and leave it on for a few minutes. Do not leave it for too long or do it often, as baking soda tends to dry out your skin quickly. Use a moisturizer if your skin feels dry after washing it off. Baking soda exfoliates the dead skin and dries out the acne scars. It can be done twice or thrice a week.


Lemon juice, or even the skin of the lemon- is another excellent remedy to fade blemishes and pigmentation. It contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid and acts as a natural bleaching agent to lighten the dark spots. Rub the lemon juice or the inside of the lemon peel directly on the spots. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with some water or mix it with a few drops of honey.


Red Sandalwood is a time tested remedy to fade tough scars. Red sandalwood is available in the form of powder as well as a piece of the wood itself. It is best to use the wood version, but it is tough to find and buy original red sandalwood nowadays. Make a paste of the red sandal (wood or powder) with honey and apply it all over the affected area. It is effective for all types of skin.


Turmeric is another ancient and effective antiseptic remedy for tough to moderate and mild scars. Make a paste from original turmeric or turmeric powder and apply it over the scars. For sensitive skin, it can be used with equal parts of gram flour and honey or coconut oil. Turmeric treats discoloration of the skin and controls the excess production of melanin- the pigment that makes the scar appear darker.


Honey can be used alone or can be mixed with other scar-reducing ingredients like Turmeric, Red sandal or Cinnamon powder. It can be used for all skin types and helps reduce almost all kinds of moderate to mild scars.


It is worthy to bear that pungent smell or stinging effect for healthy clear skin. Many celebrities talk about drinking apple cider vinegar diluted with water when asked about the secret of their glowing skin. You need not take a big risk like that, simply applying the ACV on the spots would be definitely of some help. Mix it with water or honey if you have sensitive skin.


Aloe vera plant is known for its nourishing and soothing properties and is used for almost all skin and hair disorders. Aloe vera repairs the skin cells and heals the scars with the help of the polysaccharides present in it. Gently rub a cut opened aloe leaf over the skin. Refrigerate the aloe before use for a more soothing effect.

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