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20 Best TOM CRUISE Movies | Top Rated Films Of Tom Cruise

11. Mangolia

Magnolia | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 8/10

Year – 1996

The film starts with a narrator recounting the strange three coincidences, suggesting that the forces are greater than chance, and play important roles in life. Magnolia received positive reviews, with critics upholding its ambition in acting, direction, screenplay, and storytelling, as well as its soundtrack. The movie was liked by many people.

12. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.3/10

Year – 1996

The movie received acclaim from critics, who praised its performances and screenplay. It was also a financial success. The story depicts a 35-year-old man, who is trying to get back into his feet after being fired from his previous job. It is a Romantic spots drama that was loved by the audience for its simple yet interesting concept.

13. Tropic – Thunder

Tropic Thunder | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7/10

Year – 2008

The film starts when the frustrated director decides to drop them in the middle of a jungle, they are left with no choice but to rely on their acting skills to survive the real action and danger. It is a tradition of many famous war films and specifically those based on the Vietnam War. The movie happened to receive positive reviews from the audience for its uniqueness. The movie won many awards.

14. War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.5/19

Year – 2005

The movie follows an American dockworker who is left with another choice but to look after his children, from whom he lives separately. He struggles to keep them protected and reunite them with their mother when extraterrestrials invade the Earth destroy the cities with the giant war machines. The movie was Gene Barry’s final film before he announced his retirement that year and later his death in 2009. The movie received many nominations and was liked for Tom cruise’s acting.

15. Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.4/10

Year – 1999

The movie follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife Alice comes clean about the past saying that she had been having an affair since a year earlier. He then starts on a night-long adventure, during which he infiltrates a masked orgy of a  secret society that has no name. The movie was praised for its acting, direction and soundtracks.

16. The Firm

The Firm | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.8/10

Year –1993

The movie is based on the novel The Firm by author John Grisham, written in 1091. The Firm was one of the two films released in 1993 which were adapted from a Grisham novel and the other being The Pelican Brief. The movie received many positive reviews and was the highest-grossing R- rated movie of the year in 1993.

17. Taps

Taps | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.8/10

Year –1981

The movie revolves around a group of military school students who one day decide to take over their school to save it from closing.  The movie resulted in a great commercial and has won many nominations. The original music score was composed by Maurice Jarre which added to the glory of the movie and was a contributory factor for the tremendous response it received.

18. The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating –7.7/10

Year – 2003

The movie plot was inspired by the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion which was led by Saigō Takamori, and the very westernization of Japan by the foreign powers, though in the movie the United States is being depicted as the primary force behind the extreme push for westernization. It was nominated for many awards, including four academy awards.

19. Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating –7/10

Year – 2012

The movie was filmed entirely in the locations of  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It received mixed reviews however was successful at the box office. The acting, direction, casting etc were praised by the audiences. The storyline is extremely engaging and has somehow received mixed reviews. The movie has been nominated for many awards. Even after receiving mixed reactions, the movie can still be considered a great success in the film industry.

20. The Outsiders

The Outsiders | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating –7.1/10

Year – 1983

This very movie is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton in 1981 and was released on the 25th of March, 1983, in the United States. Jo Ellen Misakian is a librarian at Lone Star Elementary School in Fresno, California, and her students were responsible for inspiring Coppola to make the film. The critics gave mostly positive reviews of the movie.

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