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20 Best TOM CRUISE Movies | Top Rated Films Of Tom Cruise

Everyone knows the legendary figure called Tom cruise. His movies are not less than superhero movies. He has made great contributions to the Hollywood film industry and his acting has given us the audiences a reason to watch his movies again and again. So here’s a list of the 20 best Tom Cruise movies for you to enjoy.

1. Mission Impossible – Fallout

Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

Year – 2018

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The movie was the first in the series to be released in RealD 3D and had an IMAX release too. It grossed $791 million worldwide, which makes it the highest-grossing film of Cruise’s whole career and the highest-grossing film in the franchise, surpassing Ghost Protocol. It was critically acclaimed for the action scenes, cinematography and casting.

2. Risky Business

Risky Business | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.8/10

Year – 1983

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The movie covers materialism, loss of innocence, coming of age, and capitalism. This movie is Best known as Cruise’s breakout film, Risky Business was a critical and commercial success. Cruise also received a nomination for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

3. Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.9/10

Year – 2014

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The story takes place in a future where most of Europe is invaded by a supreme alien race. Major William Cage is a public relations officer with no combat experience, who is forced by his superiors to join a landing operation against the aliens, only to figure himself experiencing a time loop as he tries to look for a way to defeat the invaders.

4. Minority Report

Minority Report | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

Year – 2002

The film includes the elements of tech noir, thriller and science fiction genres, as well as a traditional chase film, as the main lead is accused of a crime he has not committed and turns into a fugitive. The movie examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance to humans. Other themes include the role of preventive government in protecting its people, the role played by the media in a future state where technological growth makes its presence nearly boundless.

5. Rain Man

Rain Man | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 8/10

Year – 1978

The movie tells the story of an abrasive, selfish young wheeler-dealer called Charlie Babbitt, who finds that his estranged father has died and bequeathed virtually all of his multimillion-dollar estate to his other son, Raymond, an autistic savant, of whose existence Charlie was not aware of. Charlie is left with only his father’s very beloved vintage car and the rosebushes. Valeria Golino plays the role of Charlie’s girlfriend Susanna. It turned out to be the highest-grossing movie of the year.

6. The Colour of Money

The Color of Money | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7/10

Year – 1986

The movie is centred around the very game of the nine-ball, a pool variant that is played for high stakes. A challenge nine-ball match was named after the movie in 1997 at which Efren Reyes defeated Earl Strickland to win the largest single match purse in the history of $100,000. The cast and direction of the movie were applicable. It was well-received by the audience.

7. American Made

American Made | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.2/10

Year – 2017

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The movie is inspired by the real-life of Barry Seal. He was a former TWA pilot who flew missions for the CIA. He later became a drug smuggler for the MedellĂ­n Cartel in the 1980s for some reasons. Now to avoid jail time, he decides to become an informant for the DEA. The film received a great response from the audience. The casting of the movie was incredible.

8. Collateral

Collateral | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.5/10

Year – 2004

The story revolves around a guy named Max, who is a Los Angeles cab driver and his very customer Vincent. When he was offered a high fare for driving to several locations, he swiftly agrees but soon finds himself taken hostage by Vincent who turns out to be an assassin on a contract killing spree. The storyline of the movie is interesting and the performance of the whole cast is remarkable.

9. Born on the Fourth of July

Born on the Fourth of July | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.2/10

Year – 1989

The movie paints the life of Kovic over a 20-year period, narrating his very childhood, then his military service and paralysis during the Vietnam War, and his sudden transition to anti-war activism. This film is the second instalment in Stone’s trilogy of films about the Vietnam War, following Platoon and preceding Heaven & Earth. The movie was critically acclaimed for its uniqueness. It received a great response on its release.

10. A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men | Best TOM CRUISE Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

Year – 1992

The movie revolves around the court-martial of two U.S. Marines who are charged with the murder of a fellow Marine and the confrontation of their lawyers as they prepare a case to defend both of their clients respectively. The movie was nominated for four academy awards and was a critic and commercial success in both national and international lands.

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