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Top 35 Best Villains of all time – Greatest villains ever

A villain takes various shapes, whether it’s on a planet far away or right down the block. But what unites them all is that, when done well, they may leave an indelible impression on the viewer. There’s probably nothing better than a terrific villain in a movie. After all, since the villain’s acts, goals, and character can fuel so much of the plot’s depth, it’s much stronger when the villain has a strong combination of emotional depth and mystery.

List of Best Villains of all time –

1.  The Joker from THE DARK KNIGHT

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“Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside.”

The Joker, played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, is the most memorable villain in any superhero film. It’s one of theater’s most memorable villain debuts. But, more than aesthetic cultural surprise, Ledger’s Joker’s continuing terror and not-so-hidden attractiveness resides in his impact on the cinema, both in regards to narrative sequencing and in regards to its persistent pop culture persona.

2. Hans Gruber from Die Hard


“Oh Yes, What Was It You Said To Me Before? Yippee-Ki-Yay…”

Alan Rickman, or “Professor Snape”, made the character of Hans Gruber really interesting and intriguing. Only Alan Rickman could do justice to the character.

3. Gordan Gekko from WALL STREET


“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

Michael Douglas plays the classic 80s anti-hero: a Wall Street gentleman. Gekko embodies absolute wickedness for many and is a hero for some, with his killing thirst for a share and his “greed is good” motto.

4. Gollum from THE HOBBIT


My Precious.

        Gollum is an ex-hobbit who got transformed into a monstrous being by the One ring. The CGI and special effects used for Gollum’s character in the Hobbit series is full of evilness. The voice portrayal by Andy Serkins is a cherry on top.

5. Lord Voldemort from HARRY POTTER SERIES


There is no good and evil. There is only power. And those too weak to seek it

He-who-must-not-be-named has a very dark aura. The evil and fear he spreads in the entire wizard world is unnatural. Kudos to Ralph Fiennes for such accurate portrayal of the Dark Lord!

6.     Thanos from MCU


I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. It’s frightening.”

Thanos made the MCU excel with his excellent character. His ego, rationale, tragic past, sheer strength, and unrelenting determination of an aim by any means combine to create a figure that people can’t stop talking about. He’s realistic and nasty in equal measure.

7. Keyser Söze from THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS


“A man can convince anyone he’s somebody else, but never himself.”

This character is so terrifying that the crooks we’re trailing throughout the film are terrified of him and his reputation. 

His ruthlessness is heightened when we learn at the conclusion of the film that he was the crew’s least impressive person the entire while.



This horrific character from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre still gives us Goosebumps, doesn’t it?

9. Tyler Durden from THE FIGHT CLUB


“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

Tyler may hate how you and I live our lives but we sure do love his rules and his wicked behavior that he considers acceptable.

10. Pennywise from the IT franchise


“Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.”

The bone chilling performances of Tim Curry as well as Bill Skargard are incomparable. Both of them are horrific and evil in their own way. 

11.Amon Goeth from SCHINDLER’S LIST


“Heil Hitler.”

Ralf Fiennes as the commander of the Nazi Concentration camp is a pure evil character. Goeth is a true Nazi: anti-Semitic, homophobic, and zealously committed to the goal of National Socialism. He is widely regarded as one of the most vicious and horrible Waffen-SS leaders. He doesn’t weep or appear to be happy. A true evil, nothing more, nothing less.

12.Darth Vader from STAR WARS


“You don’t know the power of the dark side! I must obey my master”

Darth Vader is difficult to imagine as a villain who is as iconic and has impacted so many people. Vader is the holy grail of malevolence, whether it be Anakin Skywalker falling to the dark side or as the Sith Lord, who can murder a person by squeezing his neck with the Force.

13.Kylo Ren from STAR WARS


“Let The Past Die. Kill It If You Have To. It’s The Only Way To Become What You Were Meant To Be”

He is the wicked, strong, and vengeful head of the Knights of Ren, and also the Supreme Leader Snoke’s disciple before murdering him and being the First Order’s next Supreme Leader.

14.Magneto from X-MEN


“Peace Was Never An Option.”

He’s a deep, engrossing, and complicated figure who evolves in intriguing and often surprising ways throughout the novel. While he may have escaped the ugliest the humankind has to give, his family and people were hounded and ripped apart. This is what elicits sympathy from the viewer.

15.T-800 from TERMINATOR


“Hasta la vista, baby”

Contrary to other Terminators, who may display intimate attachment, impatience, amazement, terror, and a sense of humour, this T-800 was a heartless, soulless creature. The T-800 was also ruthless and brutal, and was eager to murder when others refused to participate with its intentions and desires by hook or by crook.

16.Calvin Candie from DJANGGO UNCHAINED


As a very racist plantation owner, Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance in Django Unchained is absolutely villainous.  DiCaprio gives one of his greatest outrageous performances, demonstrating that his skills are ideal for his character.

17.Harley Quinn from SUICIDE SQUAD


“You Really Put The ‘Fun’ In Funeral!”

Harley Quinn has established herself as one of the most popular and well-liked Batman villains in recent years. Kudos to her insane nature, which makes her highly amusing, the villain has become the most popular figure in the whole DC Extended Universe.

18.  Catwoman from BATMAN


“As I was saying, I’m a woman and can’t be taken for granted. Life’s a bitch, now so am I”

Catwoman is among the most well-known characters in the Batman universe, with maybe her most famous look. A villain who is just purrrfect!

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