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Four reasons why you should focus on a great business card even in this digital era

The business card seems like a business tool that should be fading away. After all, most people keep their important contacts in digital form on a phone or tablet. However, there are several benefits to including business cards in your marketing plan. A well-designed card can help you make introductions, establish your brand and serve as a physical reminder of human contact.A Sign of a Direct Connection

1. A Sign of a Direct Connection

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One of the realities of the digital world is that we can have many dealings with people without ever meeting them. When you hand someone your business card, it is usually in the context of social interaction. It may only have been in passing at a conference, but the card is proof that someone shook your hand and met you. Physical tokens like business cards can stir up other connections. Potential clients can remember where and when they met you. They know you already have something in common, even if it was just attending the same meeting.

2. A Tool for Direct Marketing

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You never know when you are going to meet a potential client. You may be having an informal conversation with someone while waiting for the subway and realize that they could use your services. It is much less awkward to give someone a business card quickly than to try to get your information onto their phone. Many people treat their digital devices as almost sacred space. They may be wary about opening it up to someone they have just met. By handing them a card, you give them the option to enter your information or follow up with a contact. This kind of contact is especially helpful for service-based businesses. If clients keep finding the business card, that is the name they will remember when they need the service.

3. A Physical Reminder

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There are so many things you can do with an attractive business card. The traditional card is a source of contact information. Some businesses will print cards that highlight special events or sales. The contact card might double as a coupon. The advantage of a business card is that it is a physical reminder. Some people use a folding card or thicker stock so the card is hard to lose. Other people will print cards with a magnetic backing to double as a refrigerator magnet. If someone puts save the date magnets up on a refrigerator, they will see the information on a daily basis. This can be more effective than an email notification that can be deleted without ever being opened.

4. A Way to Establish Your Brand

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A business card serves as a great introduction to your brand. The card may be the first time a client sees your logo or reads your slogan. Part of the reason to spend time on an excellent card design is that the little piece of paper provides an important first impression. For many businesses, a card gives preliminary information that steers the client to a website. If the card is attractive and engaging, the chance that the client will make his or her way to your website increases. The physical card becomes a bridge to your digital presence.

While business cards may seem a bit old school, they are still in active use throughout the business world. A fast way to share contact information is always appreciated. Even in the digital age, a well-designed business card still matters.

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