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Good night quotes to wish sound sleep and sweet dreams!

Good night quotes are for all the people who want to wish their loved ones sound sleep after the tiring and struggling day we all have. Sleeping time is the time when the struggle comes to rest and good night quotes have a soothing effect which relieves your tensions and worries and makes you a welcome sound sleep. The good night wishes for a best friend will help you to convey the unique feelings for your dear friend in a light manner. They will make you focus on your efforts to perform your duty and give you mental satisfaction that you did the best you could, and now it is time to prepare yourself for a bright tomorrow ending today with pleasant sleep. The Collection of Good Night Quotes are a tribute to yourself and loved ones who do much more than required to make things work and accomplish in the best possible way.

These good night quotes will be your medicines helping you to distort your mind from worries which take away your sleep and leave you like a wanderer overnight. The good night wishes for a friend are a unique way of expressing the feelings for her. They will be a gift which will be close to her heart and will tell her the value and place she has in your life.

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Good night quotes spreading love and care:

1.Sleeping time is the time to recall people without whom I never want to begin my day and start my night.

2.I eagerly wait for night to fall as I have a beautiful companion, my girlfriend waiting for me in my dreams.

3.I do not delay the sleep timings as I do not want to be late for a date in my dreams at least.

4.Your good night messages are stories for me which take me into the world of sound sleep.

Good night quotes to end the day:

1.When I, was small it was your lullabies which put me into sleep mother, and today your messages wishing me good night do the same mother.

2.I always have a sound sleep because I have the warmth of my mother’s love embracing me in the message which she sends me at night.

3.At sleep time I remember you the most mother as you are the one who cherishes my sleep and always adore me as I lie on the bed with eyes closed.

4.Sleeping time is the time when the moon peeps through the window, smiles at you and wishes you sound sleep like mother used to do.

Good night quotes to welcome the night:

1.Sleeping time is the time to be comfortable and relaxed in your appearance as well in your attitude.

2.Sleeping time is the time to call off the day and rest in peace to prepare mind and body for a new day.

3.Sleep is a blessing which is the must for a healthy and happy life.

4.Have a sound sleep to face new challenges of tomorrow with strength and smile.

Good night quotes promising sound, pleasant sleep:

1.Sleep is a virtue which energizes the body, mind, and soul.

2.It is time to prepare for the bed, lie down in your arms and enter our kingdom of dreams and love.

3.It is the time to close eyes and enter the world of fantasy full of dreams and wishes.

4.I know you work hard all day long, but now it is time to close eyes, relax and give rest to tired body and mind.

Final Words:

Good night quotes will help you to fetch a sound sleep which is very important for a healthy mind, body. Worries and tensions are part of life common to all individuals but losing sleep because of them result in giving rise to one another problem which will not facilitate the process but complicate it in every way. These quotes will add more fun and happiness to wish the morning to your best friends.

Good night quotes will take you back to the times when mother showered all her love on to her children while making them fall asleep, and her sweet melodies would take you to the world of fairies, Kings, and Queens. The good night wishes to become the landmarks of your attachment and bond which will further strengthen the relationship and add many more years to your friendship.

Good night quotes will help you to express the fun you cherish along with your best friend. Wishing loved ones good night make them realize how important they are in your life and how much they mean to you as you chose to leave a message full of love, care and sound sleep for them at the end of the day so, win the hearts with these good night quotes.

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