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Hair Loss Culprits You Might Not Be Aware Of

Hair damage, such as brittle and dry strands, is never a good thing. Unfortunately, whatever the type of hair you have, this can still happen. But remember that this also happens to a lot of people. And sometimes, by using harmful hair products such as hair blowers, flat iron, and applying chemical-based ointments, it is ourselves who cause such harm to our own hair.

Hair breakage may be temporary, especially if you know how to take care of your hair properly. People can easily fix and rebuild their hair by using the right products and having enough information. In this insightful article, you may decide to go straight with medical hair treatments, such as hair transplant surgery which doctors recommend if their patient wants immediate hair restoration. But you should know a few things before opting for a hair transplant.

Hair loss affects everyone, most commonly the men. But this doesn’t mean the latter is not prone to it. Some symptoms of hair loss include hair thinning, hairline receding, and bald spots on the scalp. As all of these happen, it can make you wonder what’s causing them. There are various aspects that lead to the damage of hair follicles that ultimately causes men and women to lose hair. Here are some of the common hair loss culprits known to man.

Sudden Weight Loss

Some people who struggle with too much weight may come up with the idea to do extreme exercises and go on a strict diet. Although these activities are usually safe, a sudden weight loss can trigger hair loss. Why does this happen? Well, Sudden extreme loss of weight will shock the system and cause telogen effluvium- the resting phase of hair growth.

A crash diet that doesn’t contain adequate nutrients can cause hair to fall out because of the deficiencies. Not getting enough nutrients is also one of the culprits of hair loss, and we will discuss it further into this article. Try adding eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet. This way, you can supply your body with the vital nutrients that encourage hair growth. Such needed nutrients include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamins A and C
  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Omega-3


One common cause of hair loss can be inherited from your parents’ gene and is popularly known as androgenetic alopecia. If you want to find out if hair loss runs in your family, you can ask your parents or relatives if they’re experiencing the same hair issues as yours.

Hair loss from genetics can be impossible to avoid. But experts say that by using minoxidil twice a day on your scalp, you can also slow down hair loss. Women should use a lower dosage to avoid side effects. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t use this medication.


Stress, whether mental or physical, can cause a lot of negative effects on our body. Just like in the cartoons or movies, when a character is stressed, their hair starts to fall off. Extreme anxiety, physical injury, or any traumatic event may cause a hair cycle shock which can cause you to temporarily go through the resting phase of the hair growth cycle.

You can always overcome stress to help your body return to its normal state and restart the cycle of hair growth. Best way to reduce stress is to ensure to emotionally and physically take care of yourself. You can try doing some calming activities such as exercising, painting, and meditation to help you reduce stress.

Lack of Nutrients

We have been told how a balanced diet is important for good health since we were kids. Just like our body, the hair requires nutrients for it to grow and remain healthy. With nutrient deficiencies, it can damage your hair and cause hair loss.

Make sure you eat foods high in protein, zinc, vitamin C, antioxidants, and omega-3s. Examples of food that contains the said nutrient are eggs, fish, beans, nuts, and vegetables. To ensure that new hairs grow to replace the old ones, and to boost hair development, consume enough of these nutrients.


When we get older, hair loss tends to happen, and it is very normal. Hair loss happens due to the failure of the body to regenerate cells as rapidly as when we were younger. As the body undergoes hormonal changes, menopause also triggers hair loss in women.

A healthy diet that contains vitamins, minerals, and lean protein is best to adhere to if you want to slow down ageing. If your hair is normally dry, to nourish it, hydrate it with products containing Argan oil.

Post-Pregnancy and Childbirth

During pregnancy, the woman’s estrogen levels increase. This means that their hair stays in an increasing process and becomes more shiny, fuller, and thicker. Unfortunately, in post-pregnancy or when a woman has just given birth, hair loss can start showing signs. You don’t need to worry about excessive hair loss due to pregnancy and childbirth as it is only temporary.


Some medications can be harmful to the hair follicles and can interfere with the hair cycle. The most prevalent hair loss-inducing medication is blood thinners as it can cause telogen effluvium. High doses of vitamin A and blood pressure medications can cause hair to fall out. So if you are taking the said medications, that may be the main reason why your hair is falling off. Better yet, consult your doctor for assurance.

To find out which medication you are taking is causing your hair loss, it is best to contact your doctor. To mitigate hair loss, they can prescribe a different drug, lower the dose, or recommend treatment.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as psoriasis, cancer, anaemia, thyroid disease, and Crohn’s disease can be associated with your hair loss issues. This happens as the white blood cells destroy healthy cells in hair follicles, which then destroys the follicle that interrupts hair development.

Lifestyle and diet changes may help battle autoimmune diseases. You should always try Natural Home Remedies as they have no side effects. Although certain medications can also induce hair loss, the condition may be exacerbated by combining this with the illness and leading you to serious cases. But, hair loss caused by medications or certain medical conditions are only temporary, and patience is your best treatment.

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