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How to Recover Deleted Pictures From HDD? – The Complete Guide

HDD or hard disk drive is a data storage device used widely to store valuable information, pictures, and files. Random-access memory is the primary memory device here. However, due to overloading and human errors, these HDDs can crash, deleting all the data and pictures from it. Or else, you can lose your photos by simply removing the files from the drive mistakenly.

Do not panic, thinking that you have permanently lost your data to such accidents. That is because, due to the advancement of technology, there are ways available for the experts to retrieve your data along with pictures from the device. Here are few methods that you might adapt to recover your lost files from hard disk deleted accidentally.

Retrieve the Documents and Pictures Manually from the HDD

You don’t always lose your data only due to a crash of the hard drive. If you accidentally delete the files from HDD, then you can retrieve them pretty quickly. You can check the recycle been out to see if the data are still available in that chamber.

In case you haven’t permanently deleted the photos, you can right-click on them and select the restore option. This option allows you to save all the deleted data in the previous location of these files successfully.

However, if you have permanently deleted the files, then this step won’t be beneficial for you. Then you have to try out the next step for retrieval of the deleted data.

Use A Recovery Software

When you have permanently deleted the files and the photos from the hard drive, you won’t be able to retrieve them by merely visiting the recycle bin on the computer. You have to get hold an excellent and reliable recovery software to do the job for you. The recovery software provides you the opportunity to recover the deleted files successfully form the hard drive.

While looking for such recovery software, do opt for the one which is user-friendly and affordable. Not every computer user is a tech-savvy person. Hence such user-friendly software can allow anybody to use it to recover their deleted files from their computer.

Scan the Disk for the Deleted Files

You can also scan the computer or laptop disks to find the location of the deleted files. You can select the file format in the “Advanced Settings” tab and proceed with subsequent scanning for the deleted files. The results may take up to several minutes. However, it is worth the wait.

Once the scanning is successfully finished, you can preview all the deleted items, and thereby, you can choose the ones you want to recover. After you have made your choice, you can save them to a protected location on the hard drive.

Restore the Lost Data and Files from Your Backup

Windows has its own “Backup and Restore” tools built-in the system. However, it might be different for other computer operating systems. However, if you have recently created a backup of your lost files on your computer, then you can restore them even after the deletion. Look for a copy of the data that you mistakenly deleted from the computer in your operating system.

You can find the options in the “Control Panel” tab within the system. From there, proceed to choose the security and the “backup and restore” option. Once you select this option, you retrieve the lost files and pictures by clicking on the “restore my files” option available on the computer. Following this, you can again save your lost data into a protected place within the machine.

However, these all HDD recovery procedures may seem a bit confusing to you. In such a case, it is beneficial to look for professional advice. There are a few renowned companies in the market which provide such services within affordable price ranges. They are capable of retrieving around 95% of the lost data even from a crashed HDD. 

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