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How To Self Learn Mobile App Development?

Wondering How To Self Learn Mobile App Development? If your answer is yes, then we are here to help you out.

There is no doubt that mobile app development is a great field to join. Even if you are a business owner, then you already know about how useful mobile apps are and how they can help to grow your business. However, getting started with mobile app development is not as easy as it seems.

So what if you want to self learn mobile app development? Well in this article I will guide you about this topic only. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To Self Learn Mobile App Development?

What your app idea is all about?

what your app idea is about

First of all, ask yourself what your app idea is all about. As the first thing which will help you to know what are the things that you will need to learn. So in case if you are making a mobile game, then you have to learn about game engines.

Or if you are trying to convert a website into an app, then you have to learn about webkit. So, first of all, figure out what you would like to build.

Choose Your Platform?

android n ios

Now the question is on which platform your app will be available? Is it Android or iOS. Or you are planning to make the app available for both of the platforms. If your app will only be available for Android devices, then you have to start learning Java basics. And once you are done with that, you have to start with Android SDK.

For iOS apps, you will need to learn Swift. And in case if your app is going to available on both of the platforms. Then I would suggest you to research about hybrid apps.

Start Learning

Now that you have understood the requirements its time to start learning. There are quite a lot of ways which you can follow to learn mobile app development. You can either take an online course from Udemy or other websites. Or you can simply watch some YouTube videos or read books for the same. However, I would recommend you to go for a course only as it will have a detailed approach to every topic. Plus, you will be able to build an app in real time. So you can learn about in a good way.


mobile app developer

Once you are done completing your app, simply go ahead and launch it. If you are planning to launch an app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. Then you have to purchase a developer account, and only then you will be able to post your app.


So that was all for your questions. Just in case if you are building an app for your business. Then you can consider taking some mobile app development services. And the company will take care of all your needs.

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