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Janmashtami 2020 – Date, Timings, Puja and Celebration

“Haathi, ghoda, paalki,……..Jai Kanhiya Laal Ki!!”

The birth anniversary of makhan chor is just around the corner! The auspicious festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with zeal and grandeur all over the sub-continent. The Hindu annual ritual is believed to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Janmashtami is the largest celebration in the regions of Mathura and Vrindavan, where Krishna is believed to have been born, Krishna janam-bhoomi,. It is typically celebrated by fasting, night vigils and devotional singing at midnight when Krishna is born.

Date and Timings:

Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is observed on the eighth day- Ashtami of the dark fortnight- Krishna Paksha in the Bhadrapad as per the Hindu luni-solar calendar which overlaps with August/ September of the Gregorian calendar. This year the festival is to be celebrated on 12th August (Wednesday).

  • Nishita Puja Time : 24:04:31 to 24:47:38 (12August 2020)
  • Duration: 0 Hr 43 minutes
  • Janmashtami Parana Time :After 05:48:49 on 13th August 2020
  • Ashtami Tithi starts at 09:06 (11 August 2020)
  • Ashtami Tithi ends at 11:15(12 August 2020).

Janmashtami Puja :

Janmashtami is typically celebrated by fasting and devotional singing at midnight when Krishna is born. After Lord Krishna’s midnight hour birth, idols of Shri Krishna are washed with 5 ingredients viz, curd, milk, honey, ghee and gangajal (the pious water of the holy river Ganga) which is termed as panchamrita (solution made from 5 things). The washed idols are placed in cradle (palna/jhula) and the cradle is rolled along with the devotees sing Krishna Aarti (devotional songs). The panchamrita is distributed among the devotees after which they break their fast by sharing food and sweets.

Krishna Janmashtami is followed by the festival of Nandotsava which signifies the occasion when Nanda Baba, Krishna’s foster father, distributed gifts to the community and the whole Nandaganv celebrated in the honour of the birth of Lord Krishna .


Janmashtami glorification by Hindus is full of mirth and puritanical. It is celebrated by fasting, singing, praying together, preparing and sharing special food, night vigils and visiting Krishna/Vishnu temples. There are organized recitals of “Bhagvad Puran and Bhagvad Gita along with dance-drama events known as Ras Lila/ Krishna Lila. Janmashtami is celebrated in a number of ways in different parts of the nation.


Janmashtami or popularly known  as Gokulashtami in Maharashtra , an event called ‘Dahi Handi’ is organized with great vehemence in every community inspired by the legendary childhood of Shri Krishna marking his mischief of stealing makhan and dahi, due to which people would hide their supplies high up out of reach. Teams of young boys known as ‘Govindas’ make human pyramids, and then break the earthen pots, handis, in these Dahi handi events. The content of the handis is distributed among the devotees as holy offerings or prasad.


In Gujarat, the festival is celebrated as with ‘Makhan Handi’ events in Dwarka, where it is believed that Krishna established the kingdom. Kutch region farmers’ decorate their bullock carts for Krishna processions and celebrate the ritual with ardour and alacrities.

Tamil Nadu

Here, Kolams (decorative patterns of rice batter) adorn the floor on Janmashtami. Footprints of Krishna are drawn from the threshold of the house till the prayer room, showing the arrival of Krishna into the house.

Northern India

Janmashtami is the largest festival in Braj region of Northern India mainly in Mathura, where Krishna was born and in Vrindavan, where he grew up. Krishna temples are decorated and lighted up attracting numerous visitors on the day, while Krishna devotees hold bhakti events and night vigils.

Eastern and North-eastern India

The ‘Ras Lila’ -meaning ‘ the pray of delight’ is also an indispensable part of the holy occasion of Janmashtami. It is performed in groups or through solo dance and drama events on Janmashtami. Compositions  in praise of Krishna and his life events are sung which is accompanied by music, while the audience and devotees celebrate by clapping hands to the beats in melody.

Odisha AND West Bengal

In eastern state of Odisha, especially the regions of Puri and in Nabadwip, West Bengal, the festival is also referred to as Sri Krishna Jayanti/ simply Sri Jayanti. It is celebrated by fasting and worship until midnight. The Bhagvata Puran is recited from the 10th chapter, dictating the life of Lord Krishna. The next day is marked as Nanda Utsav. On this day people break their fast and offer various cooked sweets after midnight.

The auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with fervour and promptitude all over the nation.

Wishing you all from the entire team of a very HAPPY JANMASHTAMI!!!

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