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Top Six Christmas Gifting Tips and Ideas

Whether you are buying gifts for other Canadians or you plan to send them to friends and family in the states, you may have trouble figuring out the best gifts to send. Some people seem to already have everything, while you may not know what others want or need. The key is to find gifts that are a great option for anyone. Whether you choose maple syrup or Christmas gift baskets, you can find something for everyone. Take a look at the top six Christmas gifting tips and ideas.

1. Maple Syrup

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is distinctly Canadian, maple syrup is a great option. Most people love maple syrup, and they can use it on a number of dishes. You can choose a brand that is 100% Canadian maple syrup and harvested from a forest in Ontario or another Canadian province. You can choose amber, blonde, or copper maple syrup or send out a selection of all three. This has been a favourite around the world for many years, and it is a natural treat that will delight your friends and family.,

2. Canada Coasters

Another great gift for your friends and family is Canada coasters. Coasters are always useful, as they protect your tables. They are one of those items that people rarely buy for themselves, but they enjoy using the ones that they receive as gifts. You can choose coasters with a maple leaf, the Canadian flag, or scenes of the beautiful Canadian wilderness. No matter what you choose, your friends and family will enjoy using them.

3. Canadian Christmas Baskets

Another great gift option is Canadian Christmas gift baskets. You can choose the items you want to place in the basket, or you can shop at a place that offers different package deals. This is a great way to give a selection of items that your friends, family, and acquaintances are sure to enjoy. Whether you choose a Canadian syrup basket, Canadian wine, or other Christmas goodies, you can put together the perfect basket for your recipients.

4. Canadian Ice Wine

Many people enjoy a drink with dessert, and Canadian ice wine is a sweet after-dinner wine that people drink with dessert or once they finish their meal. It is unique because the winemakers wait until the grapes have frozen on the vine to make the wine. Once the grapes freeze, they pick them and press them before they thaw. The juice that comes out is highly concentrated and has an intense flavour. All ice wine follows the same process, but vintners can use different types of grapes to produce various flavours. You can find different types of Canadian ice wine, including gift baskets that include these wines with foods that pair well with them.

5. Canadian Smoked Salmon

Canada is known for its large salmon population, and you can find gifts of smoked salmon that people will appreciate. Another option is Salmon Jerky, which people eat with salty cheese, olives, and beer. This is a unique gift to hand out at Christmas. You can find companies that know how to package salmon so that it travels safely, and it is often stored in a cedar box.

6. Plaid Shirt

The Canadian black and red plaid shirt is iconic and offers a look that people love. You can send one of these shirts to your recipient, and they can use it with a pair of jeans. If you aren’t sure of the size, you can also choose a red and black plaid wool blanket. It can be used as a throw blanket, which is useful in any home. Finally, you can stick with the pattern and choose a scarf, hat, or gloves, so you have a lot of different options.

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