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JL50 Web Series 2020 – Star Cast, Reasons to watch & Review

Love sci-fi? Here’s this perfect series to binge watch this weekend.This series had already made buzz in the town even before the release of it’s first episodes. JL50 webseries is an Indian Hindi-language sci-fi thriller premiered on Sony LIV on 4th sept,2020.Written and directed by Shailendra Vyas,JL50’s is intense and the characters involved speak a distinct matter-of-factly language,Well,the amazing cast and the interesting story line-up is worth watching,so let’s just know more in depth that why you should give it a for sure shot this weekend?

7 reasons to watch JL50 webseries÷

1) Bewildering star-cast

The webseries comprises of some of the skillful starcast that have never worked in the web series before. The star-cast of JL50 comprises of~

  • ‌Abhay deol as Shantanu
  • ‌Pankaj Kapoor as Subroto Das
  • ‌RitikaAnand as Bihu Ghosh
  • ‌Piyush Mishra as Biswajit Chandra Mitra
  • ‌Rajesh Sharma as Gaurango

2)Nail-biting Storyline

JL 50 follows a CBI officer, Shantanu Das (Abhay), who is tasked with investigating a plane crash. It turns into a top secret mission as they realize that the plane that crashed somewhere in northern Bengal took off from a Kolkata (then Calcutta) airport 35 years ago. Piyush and Pankaj essay the roles of scientists who are supposed to bring clarity to this complicated puzzle.

Abhay is the investigator with a past that hangs heavy over him. When Pankaj suggests time travel is how a plane crashed three and a half decades after it took off, Abhay refuses to believe him, concluding instead that the entire accident is being staged with an ulterior motive behind it.

3) Sci-fi thriller

Anything which revolves around time travel makes things bit complicated. But if you have a nerve to assimilate time travel story, then yes this film is a must watch for you.

4)Emotional Appeal

Adequate emotional appeal. Though being a thriller,the show gives us multiple emotional moments, one’s that won’t feel out of the blue,but just enough.The emotions be good or worse,are captured beautifully and goes all under our skin.

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5)For the fondness of Kolkata

The show captures the laid back milieu of Kolkata to perfection.Those yellow ambassador cabs or the old style mini-buses in red, there’s a little of everything.And, infact some characters have got hold of the Bengali touch really well,thereby adding to the look and feel.Most of it’s action happens across the mountaineous beauty of lava and Kolkata’s architectural lanscapes.

6)Short episodes

With new films and series releasing every week on an Ott platform,the format of JL50 does wonders for the narrative and will keep you hooked.Personally,I loved that JL50 had only 4 episodes with each episode lasting roughly half an hour.

7) Visual delight

Apart from the brilliant lead of casts and the super confusing yet fantastic plotline,JL50 is also blessed with pleasing visuals which is a definite 10/10.The settings are eerie and mostly unsettling, and seem to be always announcing an impending doom. It can be agreed that the cinematography really adds a whole boost to the whole series, adding exclusively to the suspenseful storyline.


JL50  central mystery unfolds slowly, both tense and terrifying, culminating in a creepy, cinematic triumph of sci-fi noir.This series has evoked a lot of questions in the minds of the viewer.Some also say that after the first episode,the plotline lacks but despite JL50’s  complex narrative, it has a supreme layer all over it to catch anybody’s attention.

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