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Top Trending News of September 2020- Top News that Trended on Social Media in September 2020

As 2020 proved to be disastrous in every way. The month September was no different , many were turning teens , many teens were turning into adults , several  were planning on giving NEET and JEE . Everybody had different expectations for the year but everything turned the other way . The rise of Covid-19 cases were at its pinnacle and death cases showed surge too resulting in nationwide lockdown . Making everybody stays indoor 24/7 . In the duration of seven months several unexpected things were witnessed . The sudden demise of Irrfan Khan , Rishi Kapoor , Rahat Indori and Shushant Singh Rajput bemoaned the entire nation . The Viral Clip of ‘Rasode me kon tha’  was the epigram of the nation . The news of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli having a baby was showered with love over internet . The nation was seen altogether in the lockdown period . Each month came with surprise, with September being the month of trendy news. Here are 5 most trended news listed for you in case you missed something.

1. The Arrest of Umar Khalid

The arrest of Ex-JNU student and human activist Umar Khalid under under UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention Act) for his provocating speech in Maharashtra which resulted in Delhi Riots made into headlines . As many claims it was a conspiracy against him and the proof presented were not only tempered and fabricated but there are no proof eventually . Nevertheless , the debate regarding the arrest still trend in media.

2.Captain Cool “M.S.Dhoni ” Announces Retirement

As MS Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket , fans were bemoaning as they weren’t expecting to see him on the field any time soon. Thanks to the IPL ( Indian  Premiere League) that came as a blessing on 19 September for not only his fan but cricket fan as well . The game made into headlines as this was the first time IPL was played outside India and was played amidst Corona.

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3. NCB Summons Many A-Listed Celebs

The sudden death of Shushant Singh Rajput on June 14 2020, not only shook his family but entire nation as well. Several questions poped for the cause of death , several answers and reasons were given including , Nepotism , Ganging in Bollywood s,  Drugs . Things took a serious turn when NCB arrested his alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakarborty and his brother Showik Chakarborty under the drugs link with case . Slowly with her arrest several A-lister actresses including , Deepika Padukone , Sharddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan were summoned by NCB for questioning on the links with Drugs . The entire Bollywood was seen denying the intake of drugs , giving memers a good content and news channel a good reason to overlook from the real topic.

4. 22 Bills Passed During Monsoon Session of Parliament

Total of 22 Bill were passed by both the houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) in the Parliament during the monsoon session .The session started on 19 September was adjourned sine die before the actual ending date of 23rd September. After the passing of Farmer’s Bill , farmers started protesting against the bill caused stir across the nation . The support for the protest was clearly seen on the social media as several hashtags started in support of the farmers .  This year’s session was considered as the most productive session from last 20 years with passing of average of 2 Bills per day .

5.The Hathras Gang-Rape Case

September came to an end with the end of an innocent girl , who lost her fight for life against the gang rape . The Hathras gang rape mortally scared every woman in India . The rape was not the only brutality done on the innocent, her body was cremated forcefully , with her family locked in a room and was not allowed to look at her face for the last time. People outrage was seen against the brutality across nation . Several politicians were stopped from meeting the victims family , several rallies were organized against the crime . Social Media busted on the Authority and police, as till date no accused is arrested and the entire covering of the horrific event by the police looks like an act to protect the accused per se.

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