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Lucknow – Everything you need to know about the state capital of Uttar Pradesh

During Akbar’s time as Mughal emperor, Lucknow was a center of regional power. Today Lucknow is a top notch city with present day offices and network. Lucknow is a thriving city in India that is home to numerous attractions, culinary delights, diverse shopping options, and other forms of entertainment. Lucknow is the ideal place to go with indigo flight booking if you want to have an enjoyable trip.

Lucknow’s rich culture and tradition are exemplified by festivals, religious observances, and handicrafts.In the city you can enjoy culture, history, spirituality, fun, amazing food, gastronomy and much more.

Here is a list of main attractions of lucknow to be visited.

Residency, 1857 Memorial Museum

In 1920, the central government conserved all of the revolt’s ruinous remains. These recollections are still in the same condition they were in when they were protected. The primary objective of this museum’s establishment was to preserve the memory of the first independence war. Swords, medals, guns, shields, rank badges, cannons, and other items from the first struggle for independence are on display in this magnificent museum.

Lucknow State Museum

The Lucknow State Museum takes visitors on a journey through history and allows history buffs to get lost in the beginnings. With its etchings, woodwork, decorative arts, sculptures, paintings, and bronze statues from ancient times.  A 17th-century wine jar with the name Aurangzeb Alamgir on it, and a Persian-language copy of Harivansha are main eye catchers in the museum.In addition, there is a Panchmukhi Shivlinga, a Balarama statue, and an Egyptian mummy with its sarcophagus from 1000 B.C.

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara, also known as Asafi Imambara, is a well-known historical landmark that is one of Lucknow’s most important historical sites. The complex, built in 1784 by one of Awadh’s most famous nawabs, Asaf-ud-Daula. It has a large mosque, a beautiful labyrinth, and a well with running water from which you can get water. The structure has two huge bridges that lead to the central enclosure. Visit these historical places in Lucknow with indigo flight booking.

Chota Imambara

Muhammad Ali Shah established Chota Imambara, a magnificent ancient structure, in 1838. It is also known as Imambara Hussainabad Mubarak. At first, it was built as a place where Shiite believers could gather. Despite this, the location later served as the burial ground for the Nawab and his beloved mother. The “Palace of Lights” is the name given to the building’s interior, which features crystal lamps and chandeliers imported from Belgium. The exteriors feature Islamic lettering elements, enhancing its visual appeal.

Rumi Darwaza

Go to Rumi Darwaza, an impressive gateway between Chota Imambara and Bara Imambara, if you want a sense of the splendor of Awadhi architecture. This 60-foot-tall gateway, which was built in 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, is commonly used as Lucknow’s symbol. It is sometimes referred to as the Turkish Gate due to its resemblance to Istanbul’s Porte.

Chattar Manzil

It is a palace that was once home to the Awadhi rulers and their beloved wives. If you go to Lucknow with indigo flight booking, you should definitely visit this one. The building has a dome that looks like an umbrella, as indicated by its name. The structure incorporates elements from a variety of architectural styles, the most prominent of which is the European style. Despite the fact that it serves as a government building at the moment, tourists from all over the world flock to see its architectural splendor.

Dilkusha Kothi

Dilkusha Kothi is the ruins of a house that was built at the beginning of the 19th century and is on the Gomti River’s bank. The building, built in English Baroque style, was used by the Nawabs as a hunting lodge and summer resort. Except for its exterior walls, several towers, and magnificent garden, most of the building is still standing today. This location has been included on the list of places to visit in Lucknow because of its architectural splendor and historical significance.

Husainabad Clock Tower

Another well-known tourist attraction in Lucknow’s urban landscape is the Husainabad Clock Tower, which can be found close to the Rumi Darwaza. This 221-foot-tall structure, built by the Hussainabad Trust in 1881 and costing Rs. 1.75 lakhs. It is modeled after London’s Big Ben Clock Tower. The clock’s pendulum is 14 feet long and has twelve petals, making it look like a flower. It is the tallest clock tower in India and features Gothic and Victorian architecture.

Amrapali Water Park

Go to Amrapali Water Park, one of Lucknow’s most popular water parks, for a fun-filled day on the water. There are a lot of slides and attractions to choose from at the site. Amrapali is a great place to spend the day, especially during the summer, because it features video game rooms and restaurants.

Four Seasons Fun City Water Park

Another place to have a good time with friends or family is Fun City, which is within more than 30 acres of Indian land. The site is great for people of all ages because it has a variety of water rides and attractions that are full of adventure. The Snow Park, which offers an exceptional experience, is another important location here. You can visit and enjoy your trip with family through indigo flight booking.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium

If you’re a science enthusiast or traveling with kids, the Indira Gandhi Planetarium must be on your list of things to do in Lucknow. The fact that the planetarium is built in a way that makes it look like Saturn sets it apart from other planetariums in the country. It is a great place to spend a day learning about celestial bodies. Thanks to its high-tech projection system and daily screenings of the universe’s wonders.

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