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The concentration of power brought about by new technologies

In all companies, there has always been a hierarchy among employees. Every company always has a director, deputy directors, team leaders and, finally, the employees. This ranking is arranged in a pyramid-like scheme, with upper management found at the top and decreasing down to the pyramid’s foundation with ranks within the companies. Today we use terms such as senior, junior, associate, manager, etc. But regardless of its terminology, positions always rank from bottom to the top. 

What has changed is that companies are now looking for collaboration and integration of all parties. It’s not like before, when the bottom of the pyramids were the ones who did all the work; their superiors advised and gave instructions and the ones at the top only looked on. Currently, this concept has changed through the collaboration and participation of all parties. Because when working as a team, the ideal is that everyone should row towards the same side and, at the same time, move faster. 

This practice is still difficult for more traditional companies to adopt. That is why there are still unions, the legal way for employees to participate in decision-making and have their voices heard. However, few companies remain anchored to this unique system of collaboration because many have also been affected by the concentrated power as a result of new information technologies.

What are information technologies and how do they empower?

Technology is undoubtedly revolutionizing all sectors. It can also be seen with The Internet of Things as it can be seen on Trend Pickle. Many companies are implementing it to achieve higher profits. Also, with technology, certain countries are making big leaps in some sectors. Thailand, for example, has started to invest in food technology. Companies have also started to open up new markets in the country. Online casinos like Asiabet have decided to start offering licensed games to their users, effectively enabling them to enjoy Texas Hold ’em, 5 Card Poker or Pai Gow Poker much more easily in Thailand. At the same time, users can use numerous bonuses such as welcome bonuses, to increase winnings.

But what exactly are the new information technologies that give so much power to certain companies? Well, they are nothing more and nothing less than database technology, i.e., technology capable of analyzing and storing data. Their main function is to help reduce costs and time when transmitting information. The multinationals that own these technologies have become virtual monopolies, as is the case of Amazon, Google, Apple, Meta or Microsoft. 

The point is that these companies have so much data that it is very difficult to compete against them, as they have all the information they need to succeed. This makes it so that they can be one step ahead of all their competitors and have the information they need to block the next step of the competition. This implies that this type of information technology, abbreviated as IT, has created an economy of scale, one of the largest ever. In addition, these technologies also lead to an improvement in worker knowledge. This generates a disincentive to invest in human capital because productivity deteriorates in the long run, whereas technology is always reliable.  

The solution to regulation in a company using new technologies

In the end, moving towards a field that lacks regulation leads to three main problems: a concentration of a large income amount on the hands of few people, decreasing productivity and a general overall lack of trust towards companies. Therefore, the traditional model of hierarchy remains stable. However, this relationship must incorporate new technologies to reduce decision-making times. If you have all the information required at your fingertips, it won’t take long to weigh it, since the data already tells you what to do. Then, if you are independent of the indications, you know how the user works, their achievements and provide them with the tools indicated. There is no need to keep an eye out for that work during his whole day. Finally, one must maintain the company’s competitiveness using IT because it lets you know what your competitors are doing and how to be ahead of them.  Finally, information technologies have a lot of power because they enable users to know how to act, organize the company appropriately and keep an eye out for competitors, as shown on CompTIA. But it is necessary to know how to apply them well and consciously reward the participative company. Knowing how to share responsibilities will cause you to lose some authority, but it is still a good move as long as you understand the information, know its source and trust confidence in it. 

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