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10 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube

We’ve seen some of the most liked videos on YouTube. But there is also a big list of disliked videos on YouTube. Recently, Sadak 2’s trailer has also included in the charts as the most disliked trailer on YouTube. Wondering what are the other videos? Here is a list of the 10 of the most disliked videos of all time.

1. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

This 2018 YouTube video has 18.22 Million dislikes and a dislike rate of 86.34% which was uploaded on Dec 6, 2018, by YouTube. It has more than 15 million dislikes, overtaking Justin Bieber’s 2010 song “Baby,” which has under 15 million dislikes. The video depicted trends such as K-Pop and “mukbang” and included celebrities such as Will Smith, John Oliver, and Trevor Noah. According to the YouTube spokeswoman Andrea Faville said that “dethroning ‘Baby’ in dislikes wasn’t exactly our goal this year.” She added: “Honest feedback can suck, but we are listening and we appreciate how much people care. Trying to capture the magic of YouTube in one single video is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. We also learned that creating content can be hard and this underscores our respect and admiration for YouTube creators doing it every day”

2. Baby

This video of the famous Justin Bieber song featuring Ludacris has 11.62 Million dislikes and a dislike rate of 44.64%. The video was uploaded on Feb 19, 2012, on YouTube by the Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It was said that the song was hated by the mass because of Justin Bieber. Others were with the opinion that due to the lowest common denominator style composition of the song, simple lyrics, simple beat, etc. the song received this huge number of thumbs down. This song was an international hit when it was released and it was number five on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaked at number three on the Canadian Hot 100and reached the top ten in various international markets.

3. Sadak 2’s Trailer

This newly uploaded video by Fox Star Studio on YouTube received 11.50 dislikes which are a dislike rate of 94.74%. Since the video uploaded on 12 August 2020, the number of dislikes is increasing with each passing day. The movie starred Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, and directed by Mahesh Bhatt has become the audience’s new target of anger against Bollywood nepotism after Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death. The film’s trailer had received around 90 lakh dislikes within 48 hours of its release. Currently, it has become the most disliked video in the country, surpassing Faisal Sheikh alias Faizu’s video on Youtube.

4. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

With 9.10 Million dislikes, this YouTube video has a dislike rate of 72.69%. The video was uploaded by YouTube on 5th December 2019 which disappointed everyone. ‘YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record’ was mainly a collection of ranking videos that lists the most viewed and liked videos of the year but it is supposed to show the year itself, the biggest moments, the greatest memes, and the creators. Till 2015 the audiences were happy with the rewind since 2016 the dislikes count starting increasing. In 2018 and 2019, the audience stops connecting with videos, which made a huge rise in thumbs down the number.

5. Baby Shark Dance

Pinkfong Kid’s songs & stories uploaded this music video on 17 June 2016 on YouTube received 8.96 dislikes and its rate is 31.35%. It is a nursery rhyme-like song and video, produced by a South Korean kids’ entertainment company called Pinkfong. It’s a tune liked by children and hated by most adults. Endwell, New York-based children’s entertainer, and DJ, who was the creator of the “Baby Shark” tune filed a case of infringement against Pinkfong.

 6. Учим цвета Разноцветные яйца на ферме Развивающий мультик для детей (translated from Russian: Learn colors. Colorful eggs on the farm. Educational cartoon for children)

This Russian cartoon has 6.97 Million dislikes and a dislike percentage of 39.92%. While the video certainly fulfilled its target of helping children to learn the names of many different colors — it’s a long video given the subject matter and the eggs do strange things like smash themselves into items and mix the shards along to form an enormous egg, who then creates smaller eggs once more. The video which used to teach colors to the children was uploaded by Mnpowka TB on 27 February 2018 has gathered huge criticism.

 7. Johny Johny Yes Papa

Strangely, a very popular nursery rhyme for kids uploaded by LooLoo Kids posted on 8th October 2016 has 6.64 Million dislikes and a dislike percentage of 40.06%. It’s not a terrible song, but like many other kids’ songs, repetitive and contains simple lyrics. The video itself features a baby trying to sneak sugar cubes when his father (or grandfather?) isn’t paying attention. 

 8. It’s Everyday Bro

Jake Paul music video featuring Team 10 launched on YouTube on 30th May 2017 has 4.94 Million dislikes and a dislike percentage of 62.15%. The dislikes count outnumbers the likes counts. Poor Direction and lack of putting efforts to write meaningful lyrics is the main drawback of this particular video.

 9. Can this video get 1 million dislikes?

PewDiePie, the creator of the video launched a video on 26 December 2016, asking his fans that he wants 1 million dislikes for this video. And the viewers on YouTube fulfilled his desire by giving 4.91 Million dislikes and which is disliked a percentage of 93.79%. The video received mere 306k likes.

 10. Flores

 Flores, a Brazilian song by Vitão and Luísa Sonza has 4.86 Million dislikes and a dislike percentage of 68.89. It received 2.1 million likes. 

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