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Mount Kailash Mystery: Everything you need to know

Mount Kailash or Kailash Parbat is a peak in the Kailash Range which forms part of Trans Himalaya in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Here is all you need to know about Mount Kailash Mystery.

The mountain is located near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal, close to the source of some of the longest Asian rivers: the Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Karnali also known as Ghaghara (a tributary of the Ganges) in India. Mount Kailash is considered to be sacred in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

What are some of the mysteries related to Mount Kailash?

Let’s have a look at Mount Kailash mysteries.

1. Manasarovar Lake

On the southeast of Mount Kailash is a beautiful lake called Mansarovar. The word “Mansarovar” originates from Sanskrit and is a combination of two words, Manas which means mind and Sarovar which means lake. Thus Mansarovar means the lake which is created in the mind. According to Hinduism, the Manasarovar lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma after which it manifested on Earth. Hindus consider Lake Manasarovar as an embodiment of purity. It is said that anyone who drinks water from the lake will go to the abode of Shiva after death. The person is also said to be free of all his sins.

Lake Manasarovar is a place of pilgrimage for Hindu and other religions. The lake attracts a lot of devotees from India, Nepal, Tibet and neighboring countries. It is believed that bathing in Manasarovar lake and drinking its water will cleanse all sins. Mansarovar lake has a shape of the circular Sun and represents solar forces or positive energies.

2. Rakshastal Lake

The name of the lake literally means “lake of the demon” in Sanskrit. It is also known as Ravana Tal, as it is considered to be the place of severe penance by Ravana, the king of Lanka in Hindu mythology. The lake has a shape of the crescent moon and represents lunar forces or negative energies.


Lake on the left side is Rakshastal Lake and Lake on the right side is Manasarovar Lake.

3. Four Faces of Mount Kailash

Each side of the Kailash Mountain is well-famed for its composition. Indeed, the eastern one is constituted with Crystal, the western side is filled with Ruby, the southern face is called as Sapphire and the northern side is composed of Gold.

4. Axis Mundi: Geographical Location –

As per certain beliefs and philosophies, the axis mundi is the center of the world, and the connection between Heaven (Spiritual World) and Earth (Physical World). In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is considered as axis Mundi and identified with the mythical Mount Meru. It is also known as the home of Shiva. Mount Kailash is the center of the Earth and maintains the atmosphere to keep all living beings alive. The location of Kailash Parbat is in synchronization with some of the ancient monuents in the world . The height of Mount Kailash is about 6666 meter. As an interesting fact , It is located at an exact distance of 6666 kilometers from the monument of Stonehenge in England. The distance between the north pole and mount kailash is also 6666 kilometers . The distance between mount kailash and the south pole is 13332 kilometers (2 * 6666) which is twice to the distance from the north pole. Sounds Interesting ?

5. Man-made Pyramid –

A Russian ophthalmologist named Dr. Ernst Muldashev who was based in Ufa suggested a theory that Mount Kailash in Tibet is actually an ancient man made pyramid that is surrounded by smaller pyramids and is linked to pyramids in Giza and Teotihuacan. He claimed that mount kailash could be the center of all paranormal activities.

Watch Documentary:

6.Swastika –

It appears that The Sun pays his respect to Lord Shiva every day. As the sun sets, a huge swastika is formed on the mountain by the shadow.


7. Changes position –

No human has managed to scale Mount Kailash. As per legends, Many people have died while attempting to climb the mountain. As Mount kailash is a matter of religious faith among many people, The Chinese authorities have officially banned mountaineer from attempting to climb the mountain. It is believed that many people have tried to climb the summit and have failed as Mount Kailash changes its tracks position in the opposite direction.

8. OM Parvat –

Om Parvat is located in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. It is close to Kailash Parbat and considered sacred by Hindus . The snow deposition pattern of mountain resembles the sacred symbol ‘OM’ (ॐ). Its appearance is like Mount Kailash only. There are Parvati and Jonglingkong lakes near OM Parbat. Jonglingkong Lake is sacred to the Hindus like Mansarovar Lake. There is a mountain called Parvati Muhar with a pass with the same name which is opposite to this peak of OM Parbat .

Mount Kailash Mystery

What do you think about the secrets and mystery of mouth Kailash, let us know in the comments section?

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