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The Best Morning Routine For Healthy Skin By Skin Doctor

Getting into a routine is some of the best things you can do for your life. When you set a routine and work on it, it becomes a daily practice in which interns become habits. Be it your work routine, your exercise routine, or your daily morning or bedtime routine. You need to have a systematic pattern of things for better results. One routine that you certainly need to follow is a healthy routine for your skin. With so much going on in your life, so many routines, there is hardly any space left for skincare. But, as skin doctors in hsr layout might say, skincare is as necessary as taking care of any other part of the body.

Best Morning Routine For Healthy Skin

When it comes to skin, you cannot do things once in a Blue Moon and except that your skin is just going to glow and look youthful. You need to be persistent and work towards better skin. And to do this you need to have a routine. A routine that can make sure you are sparing at least 15 minutes in the morning to take care of the skin. If you don’t have a routine in place for your skincare yet, you can consult a skin doctor in hsr layout and consider these few steps. 

1. Drink lukewarm water first thing in the morning:

Many people don’t do this but it is one of the best things you can do for your body in the morning, drink warm water. You can also ass honey to it or mix it up with some lemon, but the main ingredient will always be warm water. You can consume at least 200ml to 250ml of warm water. Do it slowly, as to not burn your lips or mouth. And remember, do this process first thing in the morning. 

2. Oil cleanser:

If you have a night routine fix for your skin like putting moisturizer or other oil-based substances at night, you need to follow that up with oil cleansing in the morning. There are several oil cleansers present in the market or you can also ask a skin doctor in hsr layout for recommendations. 

3. Use vitamin serums:

serums are one for the most important parts of your morning skincare routine. If you are someone who is always on the go, moving around in the sun, meeting new people, stuck in traffic, taking on the phone all the time, you are exposing your skin, especially your face, hundreds of harmful bacteria and viruses. But, serums protect you against them. Vitamin serums provide an extra layer of security for your skin that protects it throughout the day. 

4. Apply a sunscreen:

If you are planning to spend most of your time outside under the sun or not, sunscreen with a good amount of moisturizer is a must in your skincare routine in the morning. Choose a sunscreen with a higher moisturizing power and use it accordingly. Remember you don’t want your skin to be dehydrated. 

5. Apply a primer before makeup:

Although it is considered to be a makeup item, a little bit of primer is a great addition to your face in the morning after you have applied sun protection. It also provides a good base for any foundation you will be put in later on. 

6. Eat a healthy breakfast:

If you haven’t already, eat a healthy breakfast that’s rich in vitamins, protein, good fats, and moderate in carbs. Don’t just take a bit of a sandwich or drink some juice for your breakfast. Have a complete breakfast and then move ahead with your day. If you already have a specific diet in place, you should follow that and eat accordingly. You can also talk to a skin specialist for dietary recommendations to enhance your skin’s glow. 

7. Don’t use too many oil-based products or products with low ph:

When you buy any product for your skin, check their ph levels. You do not want to apply acidic products to your skin. The same goes for oil. Too much oil can start producing cracks in your skin, so beware. Don’t use oily products in excess. Check the labels and buy accordingly. 

So, now that you have learned everything you needed to about the entire skin care process in the morning. It is time you incorporate it into your life. You can start today. Drink plenty of water, best healthy, exercise, and follow a routine for your skin and that’s it. 

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