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7 online tools to grow your personal brand in 2024

Personal Branding requires both a personable and a professional outlook. In other words, you need to actively seek and interact with people and know what is going in their minds about any related brand or product. Here we have compiled and made a list of tools to grow your personal brand in 2024.

But, as a matter of fact, the internet is a huge place and it sometimes becomes impossible to keep track with all the important people, the response of the public for any particular brand and the popularity. So, in order to reduce the confusions which arise while keeping track with the related feedbacks of the people for your brand, here are a few tools:

Social Mention:

For brand monitoring, the most powerful service available is social mention. Other than the adding up of brand-related content generated by the user, these tools also help to track other important things like the strength of the brand and its reach. Using the tool “Social Mention”, it is pretty easy because it can directly link the user with all related tweets, blogs, and posts which mentions the name of the brand or any sort of content which is related to the brand. This feature makes the process of interaction with the real people around much easier. The tool, Social Mention if used correctly helps the user to present the product in a much natural, responsive and personable manner.

Google Alerts:

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Usage of Google Alerts has proved itself very consistent in the field of monitoring and keeping track of the blogs and news outlet. It is quite easy to use Google Alerts; all you need to do is plug in the topic which you require for the tabs and it will act as your savior by generating ideas for the same. The most eye-catching feature of this tool is that it sends updates automatically to the inbox. It also sends information about everything which is related to the particular brand or niche. The tool, Google Alerts, ensures the fact that the user is the first person to re-tweet or comment on all important contents related to the brand. Moreover, this tool also sends an alert if the name of the admin or brand is mentioned in any of the posts and blogs. For a blogger or a marketer, using Google Alerts should be preferred as it holds several benefits and is moreover, free.


One of the best tools for providing social networking monitoring service is It builds a strong social network surrounding the content to which it is related. This tool is quite similar to other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter; it provides options for commenting, tagging and liking posts and articles. FriendFeed is very useful as a social networking tool and provides the advantage of monitoring the competition because of its special feature which allows the following important people. Thus, it can be said that FriendFeed allows the user to understand the how many people are actually following their product or brand.


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BrandYourself is a great tool, though not a free one, for people who want to seek better help in the field of SEO and digital marketing. It is a user friendly tool which controls and monitors on how your brand appears in search engines. Basically, this tool works to optimize the website and all linked social network profiles, thus, enabling the website to gain a good SEO ranking. The tool is very easy to work with because the user just needs to ID the links which need to be ranked and the tool provides all the necessary directions which should be undertaken to make that happen. Basically, BrandYourself can be called as a hub where interested customers, clients, and even employers can find and interact with you. This tool can be called a very helpful, powerful and an intuitive service.


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Twitter has its own brand management tool called This tool is described as “an app that brings more flexibility and insight to power users.” With the help of this tool, monitoring and managing of the Twitter account become much easier. The tool helps to schedule tweets, monitor the people’s opinion about your brand and product and also keeps the tabs under the list of most important conversation. In short, it can be said that TweetDeck is a single dashboard which keeps all the necessary things arranged under it. Other than this tool, the built-in search available at Twitter also provides much help to find all those tweets which relate to your brand.


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HootSuite is another important tool like TweetDeck which helps the user to manage the social networks. However, unlike TweetDeck, HootSuite manages multiple social networks simultaneously. It helps to monitor the brand, start conversations, schedule posts and also analyze the data. Although the tool provides a paid monthly plan; it also has a limited free service offer.


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There is a great tool known as which enables the user to create a personal homepage with a very friendly URL address. Although this tool does not provide active help in monitoring or promoting the personal brand, it is a part of the personal branding toolkit. It is also sometimes regarded as an alternative solution to Brand Yourself. All you need to do is create a small bio, link the social profiles and related blogs, add up a resume and upload a good profile picture. A few small steps at can help you to get n SEO friendly and concise hub holding in all your brand’s profiles and hence providing you a great platform to interact with clients and customers.

These were a few tools which help to automate the growth of the personal brand by increasing its popularity, improving its SEO rank, helping the brand manager about the pros and cons of the particular brand and the reviews of the customers related to it. So, if you want to ensure the proper promotion of your personal brand, you can take help of these tools and improve your business.

Which is your favourite tool to grow your brand brand, let us know in the comment section.

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