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Questions to ask the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi before getting your transplant done

Deciding to undergo hair transplantation surgery is not simple. There is a lot of thought that goes into making this complicated decision. But when you finally do, don’t settle for any surgeon because hair transplantation is more complicated than you think it is. You need to do a lot of research about it and go for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi because even small issues in the transplant can lead to much bigger things as time passes. So, this blog is all about the questions you should ask your surgeon before getting your surgery to make sure you are extra careful, and also understand that there is no such thing called too much research. Keep reading to know more.

best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

The following are the questions one can think – 

Will any external activity improve my transplant?

There is one suggestion we would like to give, but you can opt for this only if you have enough time and patience. We would recommend starting a medical hair restoration therapy or treatment for a year minimum before you get your hair transplantation surgery. Finasteride is an oral prescription-only medication for hair loss which is available for GP’s. There are a ton of supplements that promise hair growth online. You can get some of them and give it a try, but before buying and using the supplements, make sure that they are entirely safe. If they are safe and won’t cause any further damage to your hair, you can try them.

Why should I go for this particular surgeon? 

Choosing the right surgeon is everything, so make sure you spend a considerable amount of time finding different surgeons and talking to them about the condition. Also, ask them about what else you can do rather than surgery, if they give any prescriptions, then you can try them out for a while, if the medicines don’t work, then you can think about surgery. Suppose you have already gone through the medicines step. In that case, you can directly ask the surgeon about how the surgery will be done and what are the chances of complications, what to do in case of difficulty, and other stuff you are worrying about. Make sure you get everything that is concerning you out, doing this will help a lot by reducing stress.  

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Will there be a need for a consultation or another surgery in the future?

The hair which is transplanted will behave in the same way that it did from the place where it was taken from. The hair from the donor area is genetically very different from the bald region of your head. So, it will not fall out in the same manner. And if the transplant is done correctly, the hair should last for a lifetime. But as you age, the hair from the donor area starts becoming thin, and the same happens with the bald spot, in case you see hair loss after 2 or 3 years, then it means there is a potential fault in the surgery. So, make sure to take suggestions from people who have already gone through hair transplantation surgery and choose the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi based on the feedback and never jump to conclusions too fast.

Ask and learn about the price of the transplant.

The price will most certainly depend upon the clinic as well as the surgeon you are going for. If you choose one of  the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, then you will have to pay accordingly as per their service charges.

As you know there are three types of hair transplantation: the first process is FUE, here the hair follicles are taken from the donor area (the part of the head where the hair is still present) and are replanted in the bald area. The second process is FUT, where a strand of hair is removed and converted into a group of hair follicles; in this process, the hair tends to be smaller. The third process is called ATP, where an illusion of stubble is created by tattooing, which is done using a spot of special ink that tends to last up to 7 years. So, the method used for transplantation also causes a difference in price.

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One should take precautions and do enough research while going for this treatment. Don’t go for cheap rates because cheap rates may include affordable implicit services, which can be very dangerous.

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