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5 Reasons why Ukrainian Weddings are so famous in the World!

If you want to try Ukrainian women dating, then you should know the features of Ukrainian weddings in case you reach this level of relationships. Ukrainian wedding traditions have always been famous for their beauty. Wedding in the Ukrainian style is a colorful, bright, and luxurious event. The celebration in our days has not changed, except that modern attributes and some elements have been added. Folk signs say that if people celebrate weddings like their ancestors once did, then happiness, peace, and harmony await the family.

As in any other country, customs and traditions are different depending on the region. Despite this, the main wedding scenario of the Ukrainian wedding is the same everywhere. Only small wedding details can vary.

1. Bridal shower

ukrainian wedding bridal shower

After a properly conducted matchmaking ritual, two or three days are given to a bridal shower. Almost all relatives are present here: brothers, sisters, godparents, a father, a mother, and so on. Having gathered together, they go to inspect the house where a bride will live. In order for a groom to look decent in the eyes of the girl’s relatives, his parents often took all property, silver dishes, jewelry, and even yard cattle from acquaintances or neighbors for a time. This event ends with a ringing feast, where details of the future marriage are discussed.

2. Engagement

Ukrainian Weddings

Engagement is another obligatory ritual. Parents and relatives of both sides gather together. A bride and groom solemnly announce about the future marriage. At this event, parents of future spouses give a parting blessing to the icon. In confirmation of this, a couple exchange rings. Rings were usually inexpensive, just like symbols of love. For the Ukrainian people, winter and autumn are the preferred seasons for weddings. And, most often, weddings are scheduled for Sunday.

3. Before the wedding

Ukrainian Weddings

In Ukraine, it is customary for young people to present the wedding invitations to all the guests. Parents should bless their children. To observe the rite, they bake bread for the blessing. In Ukraine, before the wedding, it is also customary to conduct a bachelor party and a bachelorette party to “say goodbye” to the bachelor life. Previously, girls made talismans and guys had fun with friends to enter the family life as diligent and exemplary husbands.

4. Wedding celebration

Ukrainian Weddings

Here comes the long-awaited day – the wedding (and then a luxurious banquet). Of course, it is impossible without beautiful customs and traditions. On the appointed day, a groom gives bread to an unmarried girl, and his future wife hands it to an unmarried boy or child. Then a groom with his relatives goes to a bride who should dress up in the presence of girlfriends and a mother. Only after all the traditions are observed, a bride can appear before a groom. Then they go to church. In church, godparents lay a towel under the feet of the couple. There is a Ukrainian belief: the one who steps a towel first will be the head in marriage. When young people leave the church, they are showered with hops and money.

5. Wedding night

Ukrainian Weddings

Previously, to prepare a bride for the first wedding night, matchmakers covered a bed, and her friends dressed her in a nightgown with the original pattern. The next day after the wedding night, newlyweds’ bed was checked by relatives. In case of confirmation of chastity, a bride’s mother presented gifts to a couple. Of course, this tradition has been preserved in many families. But now a newly married couple usually goes to some hotel. And the next day, newlyweds gather all the friends and continue to celebrate the wedding.

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